Choosing the Perfect Pair of Glasses

Once you have been prescribed a pair of glasses this can often come as a bit of a blow to your self esteem; especially if you consider yourself someone who does not ‘suit’ glasses.

However, if you choose the right pair of glasses, then this really need not damage your appearance and may even make you look more ‘scholarly’, mature, or educated. Both men and women often find glasses sexy on members of the opposite sex if it makes them look like teachers. At the same time it is just one more accessory, like a watch or shoes, that you can use to demonstrate your style and flair.

The first thing to remember then is not to cut corners and to buy yourself a pair of glasses that you are really happy with. The unfortunate truth is that you are likely to need to wear these a lot in future so make sure you spend as much on them as you can. Most people will then want to go for a designer make such as Calvin Klein or Armani so that their glasses add a touch of class to any outfit.

At the same time you need to decide what kind of look you want to go for. Do you want to look mature and scholarly as we mentioned with a pair of dainty spectacles? Or do you want to look young and hip with glasses that look almost like shades in their style? A range of ‘geek chic’ looks are also achievable with a pair of glasses with a thick frame or horn-rimmed glasses.

Of course you will also want your glasses to be versatile and go with as many things as possible. For this reason it can often be best to go for a more muted tone such as black. However at the same time a lot of brighter colours are now more available which are also quite fashionable (particularly for women) and can be matched with other accessories. This is great if you have a ‘signature’ look/colour, have lots of outfits in that colour or are quite quirky; but remember that a pair of bright red glasses won’t necessarily go that well with a black suit at a wedding. If you want to make a statement then do so in a way that is subtle and classy and that will go with your other ensembles. Of course if you can afford it then you can go for multiple glasses of different colours and this way get multiple looks for different occasions.

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