Non Prescription Colored Contacts

If you wanted to transform your look in a quick and subtle yet highly effective manner, then there are few better ways than with non-prescription colored contacts. These are contact lenses that aim to change the colour of your eyes rather than offer any kind of benefit to your eyesight. They can be as striking as you like and can even be unusual colours such as reds or yellows, or an Incredible Hulk Green.

If you think of the majority of crushes you have ever had then you will likely notice that the majority of them have largely focussed on their eyes which can be mesmerising or piercing – we all say that the eyes are the ‘window to the soul’. At the same time we all associate different eye colours with different personalities.

As such to change our eye colour to something striking and attractive is a quick way to get attention in a club and to make ourselves appear more attractive, or a nice surprise for a partner who might get a kick out of trying something different in the bedroom. You might also find yourself that you get a kick out of seeing what you’d have looked like had you been born slightly differently. Finally they are of course great for fancy dress and will represent a level of effort and attention to detail that will make your ensemble really stand out as different and ensure you win that ‘best dressed’ award.

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  1. Jim Reply
    July 25, 2010 at 8:10 am

    What are this author's credentials? He writes about health issues, colored contacts and "tacky things that brides do"? I looked for his education/background but didn't see it, maybe I overlooked it somewhere. Please advise me.


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