Is Grape Nuts Cereal Healthy?

Goes without saying, grape nuts cereal is one of the most nutritious breakfast you can have in the morning. The fact of the matter is that most households out there consider kick-starting their day with this delicacy. The signature crunch and taste associated with grape nuts is something that kids love as well.

Grape nuts cereal is loaded with great nutritional properties, which is why it’s a hit amongst the masses across the world. A serving of grape nuts cereal contains 110 gram calories. The fat content per serving is only one gram. Not to forget the fact that it does not comprise of saturated fat. Although grape nuts cereals contain added sugar, the sugar content is too low in comparison of other cold breakfast cereals.

The carbohydrate content per serving of grape nuts cereal is around 24 grams. Per serving contains three grams of protein. Besides this, grape nuts cereals are also found to be rich in folate, which is instrumental in processing homocystine in our body. Homocystine is an amino acid that facilitates in several bodily functions. Folate is also responsible for preventing the occurrence of anemia in our lives.

Talking about other nutritional properties, grape nuts cereal is also loaded with potassium. Half cup serving contains 196 milligrams of potassium. We all know that potassium is a must in our body to supply energy to our muscles. It regulates our heart beat and also plays a vital role in fluid balancing.

Grape nuts cereal supplies our body with vital minerals and vitamins. Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin D can be found in good quantities in grape nuts. You would be surprised to know that a single serving of grape nuts cereal can meet half the day’s requirement for iron. Some reports also suggest that grape nuts cereals are a great source of antioxidants.

Selenium is a micronutrient that can be found in grape nuts cereal. Selenium acts as an antioxidant for our body, thereby helping us fight several diseases that can invade our life. It’s found to be extremely beneficial to fight inflammation related to arthritis pain and similar ailments. It has been observed that one serving of grape nuts cereal can offer an individual 5.3 micrograms of selenium.

Besides the above said nutritional components, zinc is another vital ingredient that can be derived from grape nuts cereal. The zinc composition is 3.2 milligrams in half-cup serving of grape nuts cereal. Zinc plays a great role in several vital functions such as protecting our nerve health, helping hair growth and maintaining skin texture.

Today, grape nuts are not confined to breakfast. It is used in preparing many other delicacies. In fact, you will find ice creams that have grape nuts in them. So, now you can enjoy great taste with great nutrition benefits. Although the purest form of grape nuts cereal will offer higher nutritional benefits, ice creams and other delicacies prepared from grape nuts are worth a try as well.

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  1. They didn't mention fiber once… that would be this cereal's greatest asset. The nutrient and minerals mentioned are fortified into most cereals these days, not making Grape Nuts any more special. You expanded on each nutrient or mineral in the product by telling us what that nutrient or mineral does… If you'd like, you can do that with a Snickers bar. Good job.

  2. Not badly written, but your base numbers are wrong. I serving (1/2 cup) has 200 calories and 48g carbs, with 7g of it fiber and 5g of it sugar. At least, according to the box!

  3. Poor article, incorrect info. One serving contains 210 calories. I think the "author" plagiarized another article about grape nuts flakes, an entirely different product.

  4. This article is very awkward. I am used to seeing poor grammar and word usage, but this is extremely elementary. I was sure this article must be written by one of those shoddy computer programs, so I scrolled down to see; alas, there is indeed a name. Maybe Mark Perry is a robot. I am sad to see the art of writing, even in its simplest form, getting washed away by the surge of less than qualified writers who scribble all over the Internet.
    I Heart Grape nuts!! <3

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