Frequency of Toothbrushing and Heart Disease

It is one of those curious scientific correlations that may at first make little sense to us, but the more you brush the teeth, the more you reduce your chances of heart disease. While the studies confirm this time and time again, the fact that two such disparate parts of the body should be in anyway connected is something which at first seems baffling. Even more confusing then might be the similar statistics and studies that show that flossing your teeth can also stem your chances of stroke and even cancer.

When you think about it however there is a certain logic to how this might work and like all the best mysteries a scientific explanation is at hand. Here the fact is that our mouths are a direct passageway to our stomachs and our blood stream, which are not always only used by things we intend to go down there. His means bacteria and viruses and while these won’t cause cancer or heart attacks, what they do do is to attack the immune system and keep it under constant pressure fighting them off. This then leaves the immune system less able to deal with other problems in the body and so leaves us more open to the problems associated with poor dental hygiene. At the same time it places our body under stress which of course makes our blood pressure worse and indirectly therefore contributes to heart disease and strokes.

As such it is our immune system that suffers from a lack of teeth cleaning and this means that we are more vulnerable to almost every kind of health risk. Good oral health then extends far beyond just your appearance and will affect every aspect of your health.

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