Do Isometric Exercises Build Muscle?

Isometric exercise is a type of exercise used to develop tension in our muscles, without moving the joint angles. Our body muscles do not move much while performing isometric exercises. Pushing yourself against a wall, or lifting an immovable object from the ground are two examples of isometric exercises. Today, you will witness many professional athletes incorporating isometric exercises in their routine. Isometric exercises are also performed in most of the yoga classes out there.

Several studies have confirmed that isometric exercises involve more force exertion during muscle contraction in comparison to weight lifting. Today, isometric exercises are used mainly for rehabilitation purposes. If you are an avid Bruce Lee fan then you may be aware of the fact that Bruce Lee performed number of isometric exercises to stay in shape, thereby contributing towards his fitness regime. Although there weren’t any significant studies conducted on isometric exercises back then, Bruce Lee still relied on these exercises to get better and stronger.

As such, isometrics exercises can offer one heaps of health benefits. You will receive more or less the same benefits that you would ideally derive from a weight training session. One of the major benefits of isometric exercises includes increment in one’s muscle mass. Regular isometric exercise stimulates the growth of new muscle tissues, thereby helping one build body muscles and power. Besides helping one build muscles, isometric exercises also helps one attain their weight loss goal as more muscle tissue shoots up one’s body metabolism. Not to forget the fact that isometric exercises can also help one burn loads of calories from one’s body. That being said, regardless of your goals, you need to feed your body with nutritious foods to ensure that you make the most from the isometric exercises.

While isometric training can serve as a great tool to build muscles, they are usually performed to target specific muscle groups, especially to build strength in a particular body area. When one targets a particular muscle group, he/she is able to develop lean muscle mass and also shed undesirable fat from the body, without spending countless hours in the gym. Individuals who have suffered a limb injury can also benefit a lot from isometric exercises as these exercises do not involve much body movement. Yet, they can help you build strength at a single joint angle. Basically, isometric exercises can help one stabilize a particular body part without the risk of further damage.

Isometric exercises work best when performed in conjunction with other exercises. Physically fit individuals are advised to combine weight training exercises along with isometric exercises to make the most of their training regime, especially when one is looking to build muscles. Just like any other exercise, isometric exercises are no magic bullets. One needs to perform these exercises for a certain period of time to be able to experience the positive benefits associated with it. Not to forget the fact that you need to support your exercise regime with a good diet plan.

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