Eating Pecans to Protect the Brain

Nothing beats healthy diet, when it comes to maintaining good health. A healthy diet is a must for our overall wellbeing and for proper functioning and development of our brain. Our brain requires adequate supply of nutrients in order to perform at its peak. Not many people out there are aware of the fact that eating pecans can help one empower and stimulate the functions of their brain.

The fact that pecans are loaded with nutrients has enabled it be a widely popular delicacy amongst the masses. Today, pecans fall in the list of top 15 foods which contain highest antioxidant capacity. Talking about the nutritional properties, pecans are a rich source of Vitamin E. As such, it contains several forms of Vitamin E that protect fats from oxidation. Several studies have confirmed the fact that Vitamin E protects our cells from damage and diminishes the chances of premature death to a great extent. Pecans are also loaded with choline. Choline is a great nutrient that ensures optimal brain functioning. Choline helps an individual not only in proper brain functioning, but it also boosts one’s memory power. Let’s have a deep look into the recent findings associated with pecans and our brain.

Few years back, a number of laboratory tests were conducted on a group of mice to learn the effects of pecans consumption on their brains. Goes without saying, the idea was to replicate the positives of the tests on human beings in order reap the benefits associated with pecans intake. The study involved three groups of mice. Each group of mice was fed different diets to study the pros and cons of the test. One or two of their diets included pecans in different quantities. Regular reading techniques were used to see how each group of mice reacted to the diet. It was observed that mice that were fed with pecans displayed remarkable delay in decline in their motor function in comparison to those mice that weren’t fed with pecans. The mice that eat the most pecans fared the best in this test.

One of the latest finding on pecans and its connection with human brain was published in Nutrition Research latest issue. Unlike earlier tests, this study involved human beings and not animals. Blood samples of 23 men and women were studied during this test. All men and women who volunteered for this test were between the age group of 25 to 55. The participants were fed with two diets, one that was loaded with pecans and another that did not comprise of pecans. The participants were asked to stick to one diet for a period of four weeks, and then they were asked to switch their diet. The outcome of the study revealed that participants that resorted to pecan rich diet showed significant lipid reduction in their body in comparison to those who weren’t fed with pecans. The study also found that tocopherols blood levels were high when individuals were on pecan diet, thereby concluding that the data had good enough evidence to state the protective effects of pecan intake amongst human beings.

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  1. Anonymous Reply
    November 10, 2015 at 11:01 pm

    Fascinating study. I think walnuts may have similar properties.

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