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To the outside world, your husband might be a successful individual, but from within he may be in a state of complete dismay. When husbands fall prey to depression, they take down the entire family with them, which is why depression is said to be a silent killer in numerous relationships in life. Needless to say, loyal wives will get dragged into the picture, and they will end up feeling deceived and angered.

More than often, wives will be seen being on the receiving end of abuses and harsh reactions. It has been observed that caring wives develop depression themselves over a period of time, when they are unable to cope up with the current situation. Fortunately, there are many means out there by which depression can be treated effectively. Goes without saying, wives will have a key role to play in helping their husband get rid of depression and to ensure that they don’t fall prey as well.

First and foremost, you need to educate yourself about the symptoms associated with depression. Understanding the signs of depression is the first step over here because one would resort to proper and timely treatment only once the ailment is diagnosed effectively. Some of the common symptoms linked with depression are lack of interest towards life, over eating, getting angered over small things, suicidal talks, resorting to extreme alcoholism, excessive smoking and loss of image consciousness.

If you witness a combination of some of these signs in your husband, then you need to understand that you will have to take some corrective actions as soon as possible before things go way out of control. Your best bet would be to encourage your husband to meet a psychiatrist or therapist. It might turn out to be an extremely difficult task for you to convince your husband to take this step.

For resistant husbands, one might want to play some emotional games over here. Tell him to visit the doctor only for your sake, and that you will feel better if he does so. Back your emotional game plan with loads of unconditional support and love. One way of getting husbands realize about their condition is to make them take an anonymous depression questionnaire that tells whether the person is suffering from depression or not.

Be open about your issues while having a word with a therapist. A good therapist will be able to offer your fresh insights on how to deal with the problems in hand. Talking to a third person helps immensely during depression, because a depressed guy and his stressed family will tend to take a hit on their creativity and positive thinking flow, thereby curbing their ability to come out of a particular situation. Wives should make sure that their husbands take the medicines on time. As a loyal wife, one should accompany their husband on the visit to the doctor’s place so that you know how far the medications have been effective, and also to administer potential side effects.

Support your husband as much as you can. You can consider helping him with his appointments and other schedules. Take time to talk to him in a cordial manner so that he doesn’t bottle up all the negative thoughts and emotions. Don’t push him rather let the progress happen at its own pace. Don’t use words or statements that can worsen the situation. Also, stay away from comparing him with some other individual.

Urge your husband to be more active in life. You can request him to accompany you to a movie or a concert. You can also consider visiting a park or restaurant with him. Indulging in physical exercises can help your husband a great deal over here because exercise promotes the growth of hormones that can make one feel better. Persuading your husband to take part in exercises would be a herculean task in itself, however don’t give up and offer to be his gym buddy. At the least, make him walk after meals. He will feel better!

Besides this, encourage your husband to be more socially active as good social company will enable him to keep his stress at bay. You can consider inviting some of his old and loyal friends for a coffee treat in your house. Support from friends and peers can be a really rewarding thing for your husband. They might also offer him the right direction, if he needs help with his career development.

Remember, your husband’s depression can take a toll on your physical and mental wellbeing. As much as it’s important to take care of your husband’s health, you should pay heed to your own wellbeing as well.

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