How to Prevent Your Baby From Waking Up Early?

Majority of the parents out there wouldn’t need an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning. Most newborn babies make sure that their moms wake up early at 4:00, 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning. Goes without saying, obstructed sleep can take a toll on one’s health. Most parents are seen throwing an arm and leg to deal with this issue. So, how do you prevent your baby from waking up early each morning?

First and foremost, monitor the number of hours the baby sleeps during the day time. If you feel that your baby wakes up two hours early every morning, then you may want to cut short the day time nap by two hours. Most babies would take several short naps throughout the day. Try limiting one of these nap timings so that the baby can sleep for extended hours during the night. Goes without saying, the baby will require time to adjust to the new routine, but gradually it will stand tall to your expectations. Your focus should be on developing a habit, and the rest will automatically fall in place.

Also, one can consider early bedtime for themselves so that the early wake up cry actually serves as an alarm clock for you. If you have many kids then you may have to adjust the family hours accordingly, until the new born baby grows up a bit. While babies love playing, they might get tired very quickly. If your baby keeps playing around with other kids all day long, then he is bound to get tired before the bedtime, which implies that he will sleep early and then wake up early the next morning, thereby disrupting everyone’s sleep. Your attempt to make the baby fall back asleep, when he wakes at 4:00 in the morning will fall in vain because the baby has completed its sleep and is ready to play around. Time barely matters to a baby!

When it comes to ensuring good sleep, make sure that you eradicate all kinds of distracting elements from the baby’s room. You don’t want to wash dishes after the baby has fallen asleep, especially when the noise can reach his room. Sudden change in lighting can also hamper a child’s sleep. Your best bet would be to use a night lamp in the baby’s room, which has a very low voltage.

There are several other disturbing factors that can make your baby make up early in the morning. Some babies are very sensitive towards chirping noise and other factors. You may want to have a good look at the surrounding factors that might be affecting the child’s sleep. If you consider the above mentioned pointers, you will end up being successful in your goal towards getting a good sleep for yourself and your child. Today, making the child sleep at the right time and for the right hours is nothing short of a monumental achievement for most parents out there.

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