How Much Cardiovascular Exercise Do You Need?


The individual capacity is the only thing which can tell you about the actual amount of cardiovascular exercise you need to perform on regular basis. This refers to the power and condition of the individual and its cardio condition. Here on the same terms, I must tell you that going for exercise while going through any kind of cardiovascular disease can help you a lot in getting out of the dangers but again it depends upon the fact that whether an individual needs to perform cardiovascular exercises and how much he/she needs to perform as well.

Cardiovascular exercises have many positive benefits associated and if you are not doing it, then you are actually wasting your time rather doing something which is healthy for your overall well being and fitness. You only need to workout for 20 minutes and can get good results while doing cardiovascular exercises.

If you are a beginner with the cardio exercises, then it is better to start off slowly and then getting along with the pace. In the start, you can only work out 20 minutes a day by practicing some light cardio exercises. With the passage of time, as you get used to with these exercises, increase your pace and time span as well. After 2-3 months increase your exercising times span to 40 minutes per day. Let me tell you that this is not an exact figure which you need to achieve after 2-3 months it can be either way, either it can be more or it can be less as well.

By practicing cardiovascular exercises on consistent basis your heart beat rate would be around 60%-85% and this is the average heart rate an individual must have. This heart rate figure is also termed as cardio zone. You can go for a conversation if you are unsure about your maximum heart rate because it can tell you exactly about your maximum heart beat and only then and there, you can examine what is required to make it better. This way, you would be able to determine that how much cardiovascular exercises you need to perform in order to get the desired result which is to reach the cardio zone.

Cardiovascular exercises actually help your body in maintaining its tone, shape, structure and figure. Regular practice of cardiovascular exercises can make you lose weight without losing muscle bulk or mass.

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