How to Deal With Weight Loss Plateau?

Individuals struggling with weight loss might have experienced a unique roadblock on their mission to accomplish their dream figure. Despite following a rock solid regime, one might notice that the body seems stubborn against dropping any further weight. It’s not uncommon to witness people complain about weight loss plateau. This condition can be experienced by anyone out there because of our body’s ability to adjust to changes in life. In other words, your body has attained a stage, wherein it hates to shed further pounds. The scale wouldn’t budge despite your best efforts in the gym.

As such, weight loss plateau occurs when an individual experiences no change in body weight, despite following the same diet and exercise routine religiously. One might feel really disappointed during such times as it might take a hit on one’s confidence level. We all know that weight loss is a daunting task in itself, and when a person witnesses no results, he/she might get extremely depressed and de-motivated in life. Fortunately, there are several ways to break the weight loss plateau. So, don’t let this situation to progress to an extent that you stop dead on the tracks as weight loss plateau can serve as a biggest motivation killer.

Variety is the key over here. Remember, our body adapts to a particular routine or situation very quickly, whether it’s eating, exercising or any other activity. For instance, don’t you feel homesick when you go out for a long outing? This is not because you may not be enjoying the new place, but because your body has adapted to stay in a homely and secure environment. Coming to weight loss plateau, one need to understand that performing the same exercise and following the same diet routine on daily basis would mean creating a perfect recipe for a plateau situation.

Change is the spice of life, isn’t it? So, don’t bore your body by treating it with the same exercises and foods. Why not try a treadmill instead of stationary bike? Why not have some egg substitutes instead of eggs? You may also want to skip gym for a day or two and simply devote your time for morning walk? Morning walk can also help you burn good amount of calories. Basically, one needs to make changes as per the needs of their body and their personal preference. Also, if you haven’t been training with weights since a long time, then you may consider weight training than the regular cardio vascular exercises.

Your best bet would be to train with a good buddy. This will help you easily break the shackles of weight loss plateau. Also, you will start feeling accountable to visit the gym since someone would be waiting for your arrival to train together. At the end of the day, you don’t want to commit the mistake of bringing your routine to a standstill. Incorporating the right change will help you break the weight loss plateau with great ease.

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