How to Get Rid of Ants From Your House?

Did you know that ants can lift up to 50 times their body weight? Does that sound intimidating to you? You don’t really have to feel intimidated because they are still “ants” at the end of the day, and you need to get rid of these creatures from your house so that you can leave in peace and harmony. As such, ants are a common household pest found in most of the homes out there in the world. More than often, their tiny size allows them to stay scot-free from us. Today, merely sprinkling a cheap quality spray will not help you get rid of these pests. You should be ready to come up with a dedicated plan so that you can pave goodbye to them once and for all.

Your first step towards eradicating these ants would be to figure out their source. There might be many holes in your house, where these creatures might be enjoying their stay without paying any rent. Seal all the holes because they aren’t going to pay you anything in the near future as well. Also, don’t allow leftover foods to linger around the kitchen, or else these uninvited guests will have a hearty meal.

Remember, these cowards invade one’s house in great numbers. They would usually be headed by a leader ant, commonly referred as “Queen Ant”. The Queen ant is your chief enemy as she produces an army of ants to invade your lovely house. Goes without saying, targeting the chief person would mean winning half the battle. All ants look similar, isn’t it? How do you recognize the Queen ant from the army? Typically, the Queen ant is the biggest ant that you see in the crowd. Killing her would mean killing hundreds of ants as she is capable of laying hundreds of eggs.

Now, you don’t see people conducting a manhunt approach to kill ants. What you need to do is trap these creatures by adapting some devious plan. Goes without saying, you don’t have to feel guilty over here as most people do the same. So, here’s something that will work for you. Instant Grit is a popular ingredient used for killing ants. It works like a ticking bomb. Once an ant consumes the Instant Grit, it expands inside their body and explodes, thereby killing the ant. Don’t worry; you and your house would be safe as the explosion would be minor enough to kill the ant alone, without creating any mess in your house.

Most of us like sugar, don’t we? Ants too love Sugar. So, why not use sugar as our secret weapon to kill them? Mix Instant Grits in sugar so that they easily fall prey to your plan, and end up having the last meal of their life. You can cross your hands hoping that they carry some sugar particles to feed the Queen ant. Remember, didn’t I say, they can lift almost 50 times their own body weight. They wouldn’t mind carrying that much baggage to please their Queen. Unfortunately for them, the Queen ant would breathe her last shortly after feeding on her favorite food.

Most of the elements used to kill ants can be found in your kitchen cabinet itself. For instance, sprinkling coffee grounds outside your house can help you stay away from these creatures, as ants hate coffee scent as much as you would hate bad odor coming from a rotten food left untreated for several weeks. Ants also hate vinegar. So, don’t you think it’s time to befriend vinegar? Simply mix vinegar and water so that you can sprinkle them on areas where you can expect these troublesome creatures.

If you think, you have been really smart by adapting such murky tricks, then let me alert you by concluding that ants are highly creative creatures. They are constantly seen on the run for new hideout locations so that they can have a merry time with their huge family. You shouldn’t be merely focusing on eradicating them, but also preventing their re-entry. After all, they won’t learn from their mistakes, nor have the courtesy to pay any rent for their stay in your mansion!

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