How Dancing Can Be Good for Our Body and Soul

In ancient times, if a person consulted a shaman complaining of being disheartened, discouraged or depressed, the shaman would ask: When was the last time you were dancing and singing?

Modern life has brought us many benefits and conveniences, but it may also cut us from the depths of our own soul. We may now forget a part of us that make us both primitive and savage. When I speak about “primitive and savage,” I am not referring to the chaos or the lack of control, but on the contrary, it’s the purest essence of us as human beings, the uncontaminated state of our mind.

Sometimes when we go down the street, we are absorbed by thoughts and concerns, and suddenly we heard birds singing, the laughter of a child, someone is playing music, and then something inside us stirs, encouraging us to surrender to the present moment as if it is the most important thing for us (and maybe it is …).

In the homeopathic therapies, it is observed that bored children who only want to eat candy and watch TV, have busy and depressed parents and live without joy. Homeopathic remedy helps in finding the balance of energy in each patient and there are many ways to do this. Dance, sing, play, tell stories, and other activities that bring joy. Also you should bask yourself in the beautiful moments of silence, turn off the television and radio, stop burdening yourself with drones of background sounds.

Dancing is a common method in homeopathic therapies, it is one of many readily available therapeutic resources at our disposal for free, where people can get an environment of freedom; during a therapy people dance spontaneously in many cases, thus expressing their joy of being alive.

We can dance to any music that we like, even when you don’t know any dancing technique. We can dance alone or in company of friends, in our house, in the countryside or in a ballroom. We often follow the rhythm of the music while sitting in a car and secretly wishing that we can move the whole body to feel the sensation. No matter where or how or when, music floods each of our cells and vibrates our inner soul, which leads us to move effortlessly within our own capabilities.

When we dance, our mind rests; there is no room for thought when we are immersed in the sensual pleasure of movement. Our heart forgets its pains; sorrows dissolve as if by magic. When dancing, our body is present along with the soul and both move together in perfect harmony.

You should not hesitate to dance with any stimulus in any place, that is why it is so important to try to not sever the vital impulse for expressing yourself. The face of a person who is completely surrendered to the rhythm of music shows a profound calmness and/or joy, an experience that is beneficial for our body and soul. Many parents are worried when their children start going out each night to clubs for dancing, but youngsters are just expressing their inner calls to dance and express themselves, unfortunately these clubs are often the only place available for them.

In these difficult times, we are living with many challenges, but we can learn to fill our life with dances, to be carried away by the music without resistance, while conscious of everything that happens around us. During dancing you can try to interpret and understand the meaning of what is happening to us, using every turn, every change of beat, every change in the rhythm, each day, to express our experience, love and harmony in dances. This way we can become a better person and have more opportunities to enjoy life.

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