Understanding Food and Headaches

Nothing is more annoying than getting headaches regularly. Headaches are often disabling and sometimes very irritating. These conditions are often inherited and the exact cause is unknown.

There are many factors that cause these pains, but the important thing is to know that food can alleviate or aggravate this condition. There are foods that have inflammatory effect and others are anti-inflammatory.

Foods that worsen headaches usually contain “tyrosine” which becomes tyramine in our body. This is a vaso-active amino acid, which cause blood vessels dilation in our head.

What foods that should be avoided?

• Dairy products in general, especially fermented (blue cheese) and hard cheeses, the stronger the cheese, more likely it increases pain.

• Chocolate, black coffee, and artificial sweeteners, for example aspartame.

• Non-organic soy sauce.

• Food that use flavor enhancer liberally. MSG will stimulate our taste buds to enhance flavors. In a few hours after eating, some people may experience intense pain.

• Canned foods that contain preservatives.

• Some people can’t tolerate gluten, so white-colored flours should be avoided to reduce migraines. Other cereals containing gluten are oats, rye and barley. This intolerance should not be confused with celiac disease.

• There are also people who get headaches after eating nuts.

• Too much liquor or alcohol-based beverages can cause more intense pain than a typical hangover.

• Some people react to red wine badly because of the presence of certain substances. When they eat cheese and wine, their headache may get worse.

• Avoid too much sugar.

• Too many spices can cause discomfort.

• Too much salt causes water retention and induces headache.

• Not having enough water can thicken the blood and cause discomfort.

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