How to Spice Up Your Hair During and After the Summer

In summer, despite taking care of your hair with sunscreen and masks, it is likely that the delicate hair fiber is affected by multiple washes, sun-dried and degrading agents, such as sea salt or chlorine in pools.

The solution need not be so drastic, like a haircut to remove the damaged part, if you keep at home a “first aid” treatment and/or use a professional shock treatment, your hair can look healthy again gloss.

In the Web of beauty I detail what those specific care according to your hair problem this summer:

Fine and devitalized

In this hair the sun is particularly damaging, because the heat is electrified, it becomes rough and matte, as well as cake moisture. To combat this you need to hydrate to the fullest with conditioners and masks. Shampoo Start with a polymer or ceramic chooses those enriched with proteins such as keratin and wheat. Finish with a mask with assets such as glycerin or wheat germ; apply in means and ends, leaving on for 10 minutes.

Dry and frizzy

The lack of hydration, constant washing and unraveled tend to open the fiber. If your hair is also wavy curl weakens, it becomes porous, becoming a disorderly mess. Therefore the objective is sanearlo and polish to define the curls, so the hair begins to discipline by reducing the volume, applying a mask disciplining get it after shampooing. It concludes with a product definition, checks your curls and improves its elasticity once the rough has been relaxed.

Dyed or highlighted

The main problem is that the treated hair fiber is very vulnerable to the sun, it fades more easily, and even the wicks may become green or gray. To avoid using a shampoo that holds the pigments, in the case of lead wicks are advised those with honey or chamomile to restore brightness. Finish Apply you a special serum colored tips, to prevent these from opening, maintaining color longer.

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