Tips to Create a Stylish Ponytail From a Long Hairstyle

One of the hairstyles that more than fashion is in these days is the caudal equine. I remember my mom always had one every day before going to school and now I can re-use it, but with a more modern and sophisticated look.

The ponytail is super versatile, because you can wear it for work and to attend a wedding. The key is to know it to look perfect and very well armed. Here are some tips that look this season.

* The first thing to do is have freshly washed hair and super clean. Fine comb and apply a little mousse for hair.

* Since ponytails look better in straight hair, then starts to dry your hair helping your dryer. If you want further finishing straight, do not hesitate to use your hair iron.

* Once it is dry and smooth, you can proceed to comb and form a line, either the means to either side, always keep in mind that this line should certainly improve your type of face.

* Tie the ponytail with a rubber hair very simple and clean. If you want you can tie it up or down. If the tie can tighten up a bit more hair, it will make your facial skin to stretch, creating an appearance of more youth. On the contrary, if you let down, this may denote ponytail more elegance and modernity.

* Fixed with a little hairspray the sides, so that these little ones hair does not shed and come to ruin your beautiful hair.

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