Hairstyles to Mix and Match Your Wedding Gown

Every bride is unique. There are many types of wedding as there are women in the world. Still time to pick the dress, the styles are classified into several patterns: classic, romantic, modern and bohemian are some of them.

With each dress style that should be a return to be the even more radiant bride and which will accompany the general style of celebration. We have gathered some hairstyles to go with the chosen dress and look sensational.

For bride’s classic, those who have chosen a dress that stands out for its simplicity and elegance are reflected in recommended above. To nourish the hair can add some accessories but these should be of simple design and be of the whole taste of the bride. You may opt for a secluded from the top like this that leads Kate Bosworth, besides the beauty of the look, with enough spray will last all night ceremony.

If you want to look stylish, but less seriously, and if you’re a romantic girl, I loved this collected from Jennifer Love Hewitt, who wanted a little more bulky and more freely and softening the face. You can also place some flowers in your hair to accentuate the romantic idea.

The bride is a super modern and minimalist dress or a completely bizarre with a cut and materials different from everyone else. The bride’s hair style can combine new and old, and allows your hair down without having them in the face.

The beach weddings or those with bohemian inspiration, allow freedoms to the bride. Therefore, choose the type of simple hair style; make it more freely and relaxed. You can choose almost natural hair, loose and shoulders, your usual style or buy a secluded; this should not be too serious, so let curls and adds a little loose so that the fall is natural.

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