Understanding Woman's Subtle Messages

Her lips moved, sound come out of them, you could swear that you heard her words perfectly clear, but often you couldn’t comprehend what she meant. Many times without realizing it, women use a hard-to-understand “subtle language”, a phenomenon that occurs very often in many couples. They try every way possible to send messages by masking what she really means.

“My friend’s husband gave her a beautiful ring; all of us were there; we felt a little envious”. What she is really saying is that: “buy this ring for me”. We would think “What do I care if your friend gets ring?” After a while, we would realize just what she wanted and asks: “Why don’t you tell me that you wanted me to buy you a ring?” The reality is men and women have different level of sensitivity to understand these subtle messages, and women often have resentment that they get no appropriate responses. The problem is most men tend to express their opinions literally and women eventually need to explain their unique way of communicating their messages. We should accept that women often tend to be indirect, saying things that could very easily be misinterpreted.

These are a few examples:

* She says: “Could we talk?”

What she really wants to say is: It’s been a while since we talk and share our opinions.

* We think: “Oh no….. problem in sight.”

* She said: “I love those earrings I saw in the store.”

* We think: “I’m not talking about earrings……”

The real message is that she wants those earrings.

Women think that if she is free to hide their intentions, their husbands will pick up any hidden clue easily. In fact, we tend to take the plenty of effort in deciphering even a simple message, an emotionally exhausting experience.

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  1. Art Reply
    August 22, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    The grammar in the article is atrocious. The content isn't much better.

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