How to Pick Lottery Numbers

You have had it with birthdays. They have not won you a thing. What you want is something different. Another way to pick your numbers instead of having to opt for the lucky dip. Lucky? Who for? Certainly aint you.

Here are some better ways of picking the numbers –

1. Try one of the many online number generators

There are some great ones around and what is more, they are free. Be very wary of those that try to charge you money. If winning the lottery were that easy, wouldn’t they just do it themselves?

For those in the UK check out – The National Lottery website

Try You enter your birth date and your first name and you get your lucky numbers. This site let’s you choose as many numbers from you want and from a limited range.

Tip: Watch out for pop ups and do not click on anything that says you have won a prize. Trust me you have not.

2. Play the game of coincidence

Take a note of the numbers you see on a daily basis/during one day. It could be the number on someone’s door that you pass on the way to work or the bus or buses you get. If you work in an office, it could be the numbers on a letter that you have typed out or a form you have filled in. It could be the numbers on a car registration plate that stand out. The number on a playing card/piece of paper/phone number you read. Use your imagination.

Tip: The numbers do not even have to be meaningful just as long as they catch your eye.

3. Use what you find

Look out for discarded lottery tickets when you are out and about, but hey no raking in the bins. The ticket has to be in plain sight. Could it be fate that meant you were the one that found it? You certainly hope so.

You could even be lucky like one fella was and find a winning lottery ticket that someone else has dropped; perhaps unaware that it was even a winning one. Bad luck for the one who lost it, but good luck for him. He scooped almost a quarter of a million.

Tip: You may be mistaken for a down and out and be given loose change if you are caught raking through garbage.

4. Go Football crazy

Pick ten or more football teams who are playing on any given Saturday and let the goal scorers pick your lottery numbers for you. Note down the times of the goals and use them as your numbers.

If the goals are scored in the 1st to the 49th minute, it is easy. If it is the 50th minute or beyond then reverse the number i.e. 50 is 05, if it is the 51st then you get 15. 52nd, gets you 25, 53 is 35 and 54 is 45. When the second number after 50-80 is higher than 4, then add the two numbers together. 75 would be 12.

5. Get crossing

Use the numbers from a crossword puzzle for the clues that you can not solve. If you are a clever clogs just use the last six that are left even if you can not get the answers.

Tip: When we say crossword we mean a big one. There must be around 50 clues.

6. Turn picking your numbers into a game

Separate a pack of playing cards into two bundles and sit them down. Now take a card from each bundle and add the numbers together. If you get an Ace and a Joker then it counts as one. Two Aces makes two and so on.

If you want it to be more straightforward, then write 1-49 on the cards and do it that way.

If cards aren’t your bag, then use a bingo machine instead. Watch those balls whirl round the machine and let them bring you luck.

Tip: Whatever you do do not discard any numbers because you do not like them. Remember a lottery winning line is just as likely to start with 2, 3, and 4 as 16, 27, and 38. Higher numbers over 31 also mean there’s more chance that if you win you will not have to share the jackpot as the majority of people put on birthdays as their numbers.

7. Let your pet pick the numbers

Get dog/cat biscuits and put 1-49 on them in food dye – or whatever the range is for your lottery. Place them on the floor in a disorganised state. The first six biscuits that he or she eats are your numbers. Remember to write them down as you go because the biscuits might all be gone in a flash.

Tip: If your pet cat or dog is especially clever let them buy the ticket.

8. Dream your way to that dream win

Ever read the story about the big lottery winner who dreamt their numbers and put on a line? No, well the next person to do that could be you.

Before you go to sleep at night, as you drift off think of seeing your lottery numbers coming up. Visualise looking at your ticket and seeing the numbers coming up on that TV screen. Feel the joy as you jump around the room and start thinking of how to spend all of that lovely money. Let yourself go to sleep now and those numbers will appear.

Tip: You might not actually see a winning lottery ticket. The numbers could come in another way like with door numbers or a phone number.

9. Lucky numbers

Think of the luckiest and most memorable dates in your life. It could be the day you got your first car/job. When your first child was born. When your team won the Cup/league. The door number to your dream house. Any number that means anything special to you.

Tip: If you believe that good comes out of bad things then use numbers that are memorable because they were unlucky and are remembered for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. I'm not sure there is a for sure way to win the lottery, but I thank you for all the suggestions. The more suggestions that are provided, the more I learn on what the possibilities can be.

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