Home Remedies for Asthma Symptoms

Of course, it is very important that you take any asthma medication as prescribed. However in addition to taking your medication correctly, if you are having symptoms, you can find some home remedies you should try to help make you feel better too. Even so remember, these tips will never replace those regular asthma medications.


In case your cough is getting irritating, it could help to sip a glass of warm water. It can help quiet down your cough and thin out the mucus coating your air passages, making breathing easier. Drinking a lot of water is also a good idea to help you avoid future flares. If you are bothered by a severe nighttime cough, as most children with asthma are, you may help prevent a cough attack by elevating your head while sleeping. You can do this by adding a couple of extra pillows. When cold air may trigger an asthma flare, most people find that breathing humid warm air can quiet down cough. A Popsicle or hard candy may also ease coughs. Most people find drinking hot tea will ease a cough, even so pure mint tea must be avoided. (The menthol may create a numbing and unpleasant sensation in your throat.)


Also called acid reflux, this a common problem in teenagers with asthma, it happens when acid in your stomach flows back up into the esophagus. It is possible prevent it by ensuring that your head is elevated and don’t sleep right after eating. You also should try to avoid heartburn by taking acid-suppressing medications such as nonprescription Prilosec, or Pepcid AC, or your doctor can prescribe drugs such as Nexium.

Tight Chest

You may discover that sleeping flat on your back aggravates chest tightness, while sleeping on your side helps ease breathing. Certain patients find that having a steamy shower while inhaling the warm mist will help ease chest tightness.

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