Ten False Cures to Anxiety

Many articles try to give you seemingly good ideas on how to defeat anxiety and you should also beware for those who promise for immediate solution using these false cures, which in some cases could make your anxiety worse:

1. Avoidance: Avoiding what frightens you away can make anxiety worse. For instance, if you are afraid of the crowd and tend to sit in the quieter part of the park, your fear of mingling with the crowd will get worse.

2. Complaining and whining: We love to do this and it only makes everything worse.

3. Seeking reassurance: Each time people offer you reassurance, it certainly feels good. However the effects could be short-lived and reassurance will actually make anxiety far worse.

4. Looking for quick fixes: The cyberspace is chock full with quick fixes, but we will never know of anything that is proven to work effectively.

5. Psychoanalysis: It works for certain problems, but it hasn’t garnered much support in solving anxiety.

6. Illegal drugs or drinking: Substances may remove anxiety signs temporarily, but they actually worsen anxiety for years to come.

7. Trying too hard: Each time we push ourselves too hard and feel uneasy about our progress, you are just going to make everything worse. Relax a little.

8. Drinking herbal drinks: There is nothing bad with using them as short-term crutches, in fact they may make you temporarily feel better, while offering plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, but you shouldn’t count on them to permanently fix the roots of your anxiety.

9. Wishing for miracles: Hope is wonderful – miracles sometimes happen – but it is a bad idea to just sit around and expect for one to fall on your lap.

10. Taking medications as the only solution: Some drugs help those with severe anxiety issues. But some time-tested therapies suggested by psychiatrist often prove to be effective and more reliable in the long run.

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