Natural Constipation Elimination Methods

When we talk about digestive disorders then constipation is the most common problem that people confronts these days. Older people and children are more vulnerable towards this issue and women are at more risk compared to men. Bowel movements get difficult and this is when you know that constipation has struck you; it feels painful and hard. Many people even experience swelling and really harsh abdominal pain in some severe cases as well. Not only this, constipation can bring in other health issues as well since it promotes toxin build up in the body. Constipation is a word that sums up two issues, when some one is having a hard time passing stools or when the bowel motions are not that frequent. People who avoid or ignore eating food rich in fiber often complain about being constipated. A normal person would experience around no less then 3 bowel movements in a week; people who experience less then this are constipated.

Individuals who stay constipated consistently can confront a number of problems on regular basis such as appetite loss, nausea, bloating, abdominal swelling or fullness, rectal discomfort, and abdominal pain commonly. A person dealing with constipation can simply switch to a fiber rich diet and consume liquids that are non-dehydrated. When there is a shortage of hydration, this is the best time for constipation to attack so purified water should be drunk in unending quantity. Drinking a lot of purified water would make sure that your bowels stay healthy. You should at least consume 5 servings of either vegetables or fresh fruits on daily basis as well.

Also, get around three ounces of prune juice and mix it up with around eight ounces of milk and then add licorice extract to it; just a few drops. Drinking this solution every morning would make sure you get rid of constipation as soon as possible comfortably while staying at your home at the same time as well. Similarly, get some humid water and mix a teaspoon of olive oil and half teaspoon of lemon juice to it; every morning when your stomach is empty, drink this. You can also consume warm water mixed with lemon juice on daily basis around 2 to three times to make the natural treatment further effective. Most of the natural remedies carried out to get rid of constipation need to be carried out early morning right after you wake up.

Another effective way is to get 1 liter of warm water, drink it right after waking up and walk for a little while. Another traditional way to deal with this problem would be to get 10 big raisins and immerse them in a cup full of milk that you would need to boil afterwards. Once it is boiled, eat the raisins out of it and drink the milk afterwards.

These are just a few natural constipation elimination methods among several but I am sure these will be enough to get the job done for you for sure.

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