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Prostacet is a dietary supplement made from a blend of vitamins, herbs and minerals with the aim of improving the health of the prostate and combating cancer and other problems such as prostate enlargement which can cause problems for a man’s urination and sexual performance. Specifically some of the ingredients include saw palmetto, vitamin E, parsley extract, cayenne pepper, lycopene and others with saw palmetto being the main ingredient. The product is largely aimed at men in their 60s for whom prostate function may be deteriorating. However, like many alleged super supplements, Prostacet is surrounded by a fair amount of controversy and many claim that it either does not work or that it causes unfortunate side effects. Here we will address these accusations.

The key ingredient in Prostacet is saw palmetto which is an extract from the fruit ‘serenoa repens’; a fruit high in fatty acids and phytosterols. This is an ingredient in many ‘sexual aid’ supplements and is alleged to be an aphrodisiac. At the same time, many Aboriginal Americans and other early cultures (the Mayans and the Seminoles) have used it as a natural remedy, and particularly for urinary and reproductive problems. The claim by advocates of the supplement is that it can improve prostate health by lowering oestrogen production (oestrogen being the female hormone). However, while many supplements use saw palmetto, there is no scientific evidence for its effectiveness. Some studies have found the ingredient to be no more effective than placebos in treating the prostate and promoting health.

However what there is evidence for is some commonly experienced side effects including nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal problems. It may also increase the likelihood of bleeding and ironically it can negatively effect sex hormones. It can also react badly with a range of other medications.

Chances are then that Prostacet will not work to improve prostate enlargement or cancer and it will likely to have little to no effect in improving prostate health. This is despite the claims of many websites that claim to ‘review’ the product or report on ‘life stories’ before selling it down the bottom for commission and so claim it cured their debilitating conditions. If you buy through the site they get commission and this is no more than a scam – to spot these bogus reviews, try leaving a comment at the bottom. There may be comments there already but chances are you will not be able to add to them. Prostacet is also fairly expensive where you could achieve the same results by taking saw palmetto directly far more cheaply.

There are many other ways to improve prostate healthy naturally such as taking zinc supplements, and using foods high in antioxidants (such as vitamins, oily fish, wine). To increase testosterone eat red meats and exercise. If you do want to try and decrease your female hormone and increase your male hormones through supplementation then you should consider using other supplements such as ZMA or tribulis terrestris.

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  1. Your article is critical of advertisements and websites that promote saw palmetto and then has a video ad at the end of the article that does just that – promote saw palmetto. What gives?

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