Ways to Show Off Your Muscle

Building a beach body with six pack abs, big arms and impressive pecs is something that requires work and dedication. It is only right then that you be able to make the most of this hard work by occasionally basking in the glory – by turning heads in the street and by having women swooning over you and men bowing down to you. There is a problem though – that being the fact that most of the time your muscles will be hidden under clothes meaning that all those would-be-swooners and bowers walk around oblivious to the hard work you’ve put in and the vision of perfection you’ve crafted. The alternative of course is to take your top off at every opportunity, and to start pulling off muscle poses whenever you see someone looking your way… but unfortunately that makes you far less attractive than you were before you got the muscle and will gain you more scorn that admiration.

So how can you go about showing off that muscle without looking like a complete dick, and ensure that you get the attention without looking like you’re desperate for it? Fortunately there are some things you can do.

Firstly there are certain muscle groups that can show through certain clothes and you can show these off legitimately as a result. For example if you have strong forearms then these will naturally extend beyond short sleeves. Thus people will notice your veins are large and muscular and will guess that the rest of your body follows suit. Don’t make the mistake then of neglecting your forearms and training other parts of your body for vanity such as abs and biceps. The only problem with this however is that forearms look different when they’re larger than other muscle parts, and the general population may not be aware of what strong forearms look like. This means they might see your forearms poking out of your sleeves, but think they are just very vascular or large.

Other body parts will show through your clothes better than others too. Your traps for example (the muscles on either side of your neck) will make your clothes hang in a certain way and make you look bulkier. Similarly pecs will poke out of the front of your shirt, jumper or t-shirt and can similarly make you look huge. The downside to this though is that it means you need a certain type of clothing to make the most of that. The problem here is that baggy clothes will hang off of your pecs and so will dangle down in front of your stomach at that level. This then means that rather than looking tanked you look overweight except to other bodybuilders who will know what’s going on. As such then it is important as you get larger to move on to tighter shirts so that they will fit your form.

The lats are the other group of muscles that fill out a shirt or t-shirt. These are the muscles on either side of your body underneath the armpits. The great thing about lats is that they considerably make your back wider, and this then will ‘pull’ your clothes around you. Flexing your lats would then allow you to burst the seams of a lot of tops. The problem again here is that you will need something much smaller around your waist than you will around your top – and most clothes simply aren’t made like that. As such then you will likely find that much of your clothing needs to be tailored to fit you, that the waist needs to be taken in on larger clothes. If you want to look amazing in a suit, then buying large and getting it resized is the only way to go.

All this will help you to bulge in your clothes, but it still won’t enable you to show off to your full capacity. In order to achieve this you will need to pull off certain moves and make the most of certain positions etc. For example when you are wearing short sleeves you will be able to show off your biceps when bending your arm. Picking up a glass for example then gives you the perfect opportunity to tense your bicep and let your sleeve ride up. Many other movements require you to you’re your arm in this way – things like combing your hair or scratching your back – and any of these are great opportunities. Similarly yawning and pulling off a large stretch is ample opportunity to tense your biceps either side of your head.

Showing off your abs is more difficult – they are after all underneath all of your clothes – but it can be done. One great example of being able to do this is taking off your jumper – which if you do in a certain way ‘can’t help’ but lift up your t-shirt underneath and expose your midriff.

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  1. Anonymous Reply
    February 4, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Cleg Burris here. This article is pure gold. I hadn't thought about half of these and the other half are really inspired though somewhat pedestrian. I'm still a big fan of the hamstring flex when reaching to get something down from a top shelf!!

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