How to Avoid Becoming Bloated

Bloating can be a real problem for some people. Extended stomach, abdominal pain and feelings of lethargy are just some of the issues that can come when eating just a small amount of food that disagrees with you.

Different people are prone to bloating because of different things. For some it may be a case of being lactose intolerant or allergic to wheat, whilst for others it could simply be that the person in question has been drinking too many carbonated drinks recently.

Being bloated regularly is a pretty good sign that a person need to change their diet. If the bloating is painful than it is likely a food intolerance of some kind and a doctor should be consulted in case it turns out to be something serious. The types of food which are likely to cause bloated stomachs due to irritation are:

  • Beans
  • Barley
  • Dairy products
  • Honey
  • Oats
  • Wheat
  • Yeast

Most people don’t have trouble with everything on the list, but more and more people are finding they suffer from some form of irritable bowl syndrome due to being intolerant to some specific food type. That said, it is still possible to become bloated simply through excessive intake of carbonated drinks, meats and even water without it being representative of something more serious.

Making sure to eat meals slowly and in moderation will go a long way to keeping you from getting that overfull bloated stomach feeling. Likewise drinking water is good for you, but it’s only possible for the body to process so much before it ends up just sitting inside (and therefore extending) your stomach (a lot of people drink excessive amounts of water when dieting in order to help suppress their appetite).

If you do find yourself becoming overly bloated you can try walking it off, using a supplement to help release trapped gases, or trying peppermint capsules to help with digestion. Heavy foods (particularly meat and those that contain high traces of salt) can take a long time for the body to digest properly, which means if you want to avoid looking bloated you should indulge only in moderation or not at all.

Finally don’t forget to take regular trips to the bathroom. Clearing out your bowels is an important part of keeping you free from that bloated feeling, if you don’t find yourself needing to go at least a few times a day then you should probably think about increasing the amount of fibre and water in your diet.

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