Communication — Differences Between Men and Women

With the differences between men and women stacking up, it is perhaps no surprise to many that men and women communicate and listen in different ways. But what precisely are the differences between the genders? And is it possible to use these differences to your advantage? Being aware of how best to communicate with your partner is a good way to improve your relationship and ensure that you are both coming away from a conversation on the same page. Similarly, an understanding of how best to communicate will aid you in various walks of life, including work, friendship and family life.

When it comes to listening, men and women both work in different ways. Men have a natural aptitude for problem solving, and this comes across in the way that they take in information. Men listen by thinking of ways they can make a decision and solve the problem. As a result, they are very quick to make decision and work forwards. By contrast, women listen to information by making a mental note of the context of the problem and data points. This allows women to use their collected points of reference to form various solutions to the problem before settling on a desired course of action. This can make them slower than men to come to a solution. If men are more interested in the solution, women are more interested in the journey to the solution.

In conversation, women will often include more details in what they say. This can include memories, their emotions, or encouragement to others to do the same. Women conversing together tend to have conversations with more layers and depth than men, with each woman adding more depth to a topic. On the other hand, men tend to have much simpler conversations, which can often appear clearer than a woman’s conversation. Men tend to have more focused conversations without much detail, and often the length of their points are shorter. Men tend to display their intellect in conversation.

When communicating with the opposite sex, it is worth bearing these differences in mind and trying to work with them rather than against them. For example, as a women talking to a man, it is worth trying to make your point clear and to the point. If you are making a large and complicated point, break it down into chunks that he can fully understand before moving onto your next point. While women find it easy to follow large statements, a man may find that he is overwhelmed and struggle to remember everything you were saying. Also make sure that you do not interrupt him. Men talking to women should bear in mind that women respond well to your emotional reactions. If she is making what you feel to be a long and complicated point, try to follow it rather than breaking it down for her. Try not to solve her problems for her, but instead try to focus on the emotional aspect of what she is communicating and connect with that instead. These techniques can take a while to master, as unconscious conversation techniques take time and effort to alter, but it is worth bearing in mind that making an effort to speak the other gender’s language can make a real difference in your communication with them.


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