Laughter Truly Is the Best Medicine


Experts reckon that children laugh more than 100 times in a day, whereas adults laugh only a handful number of times in a day. It’s an utter shame that most of us don’t laugh our heart out, despite being aware about the health benefits associated with laughter. That being said, if you aren’t aware about the health benefits linked with laughter, then let me unveil the mental and physical healthcare advantages that you can derive from laughter.

Laughter can help us deal with our day to day challenges in a better way. It strengthens our immunity level, thereby helping us stay scot-free from various ailments invading our lives. Today, prolonged stress is held responsible for numerous ailments that affect human beings such as depression, heart problems, increased cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, premature aging and so on. Laughter decreases stress producing hormones in our body. It has a relaxing effect on our mind and body, which helps us get rid of unwanted stress. In other words, laughter is a great way to distract our mind from all the troublesome factors affecting our happy life. More then relieving our stress, laughter helps us find new source of hope in life. A smile or a laugh can go a long way in helping one fight the challenges associated with daily living. Besides this, laughter results into expansion of our blood vessels. This eventually leads to more blood supply to our vital organs. Not to undermine the fact that a hearty laugh can prove to be an internal job for our belly.

The best part about laughter is that it’s highly contagious. Just hearing someone laugh triggers our brain to reciprocate with or a smile or a laugh. Laughter is undeniably a great way to develop positive attitude towards life, and thereby stay healthy and happy in life. Most people out there like to stick around with positive minded individuals. Indeed, humor is one amongst the most important senses that a person has within him/her. Recent research has unleashed the fact that happy individuals live longer because they are the one who usually enjoy a great life. More than often, happy individuals are healthier, are more successful, enjoy great relationship and make more money. We all know that healthy and wealthy individuals carry more respect in our society. Considering all the above mentioned benefits, it won’t be an understatement to claim that laughter is a tremendous resource that can bring about a positive change in our life. The best part over here is that individuals with positive attitude towards life are aware of the fact that every step in life wouldn’t be a cake walk for them. They enjoy brief moments such as small achievement in life, good social life and so on.

It’s pretty clear that one can enjoy great physical and emotional health benefits by befriending laughter. As studies continue to unveil more health benefits connected with laughter, we can safely proclaim that, “Laughter is truly the best and cheapest medicine out there”.

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