Could Your Germaphobia Come Back?


Living with a phobia can be a horrifying experience in itself. Constant fear over a particular action, thing, object or situation can jeopardize one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Besides the frustration associated with the condition, phobias have the ability to land you up in a depressed state of mind, thereby limiting your capability to enjoy life to the fullest. Germaphobia is one amongst the many phobias affecting human beings that can have similar consequences upon non treatment.

The condition is characterized by overwhelming fear of getting exposed to hazardous germs. More than often, a germaphobe is viewed as an overly cautious person. Such an individual would usually wash his hand endless number of times in a day. Besides this, the affected person will not eat any food previously touched by someone else. In severe cases, a germaphobe will refrain from touching regular day to day objects such as remote control, comb, doorknobs etc.

As such, people of all age groups can get affected by germaphobia. Individuals who get infected by bugs, virus or germs very often usually fall prey to germaphobia over a period of time. In rare instances, sufferers will be seen isolating themselves from the rest of the world in order to avoid the entry of infection in their lives. The isolation method adapted by few victims to avoid contact with germs and infection ends up adding to their troubles because the person eventually falls prey to depression due to lack of social life and extreme loneliness.

Most people out there wonder if there is a definite way to avoid the recurrence of germaphobia in their life. Realistically speaking, germaphobia can pave way into your way several times during a lifetime, considering the fact that we are hugely exposed to dirt, germs and other bacteria all around us. Besides this, our body’s natural ability to combat these infections has also diminished due to our faulty lifestyle and other factors. Today, our body’s natural immune system is found to be less adaptable to eradicate the diseases invading our body, which is why it’s safe to proclaim that germaphobia can come back into your life, if you allow the fear of germs to linger around.

It’s important for you to keep everything in perspective. It’s a must to make sure that you don’t panic when you suddenly realize that you didn’t clean your hands before having a hearty meal. After all, you can’t afford to spray chemicals on your food because it will cause more harm than the germs by itself. The key over here is to strike a balance between being obsessive and being careful. There is no doubt that getting infected is depressing, but inviting unwanted stress in your life can be more depressing. You should be willing to accept the fact that germs can creep into your life despite your best efforts to avoid them. There is no point allowing a phobia to hinder your happy life. Each one of us has the right to stay happy all the time. One needs to get rid of the phobias to make the most of their lives.

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