Relax With Hot Stone Therapy

Increased number of working hours, poor dietary habits and reduced hours of sleep will increase the extent of stress. So, many of us rely on techniques to relax ourselves. Hot stone therapy is an excellent technique to relax and to shed all your stress easily. Here is an overview about hot stone therapy:

As the name indicates, hot stones are used in providing relief from stress. This is not a very new relaxing technique. It exists from ancient times, but started to gain fame in the past years. Stones are gently heated and placed on the body.

All stones cannot be used for hot stone therapy. Basalt stones that are rich in iron content are the ideal stones used in hot stone therapy. The presence of iron in these stones helps them to retain heat for a very longer time. River rocks satisfy the above requirements perfectly.

Stones are heated by placing in the vessel filled with water and the container is heated. After the stones attained the required temperature, they are removed carefully from the container. They are now placed at different places such as the palms, in between the toes or on the back.

The heat from the hot stones helps to relax the muscles. The rub given by experts in massage therapy adds to this and helps to give relief very fast. The combined effect of heat and massage helps to improve the circulation and also relaxes the nervous system.

Hot stone therapy is the best for people with circulation problems. Some people have cold feet due to poor circulation. They can obtain relief with hot stone therapy. Some other individuals have muscle problems and cannot carry-out their regular activities. By using the hot stone therapy, they can carry-out their activities easily.

Hot stone therapy is also found to give relief from problems such as insomnia, arthritis and any sort of pain. The heat that penetrates deep in to the skin gives relief to the aching muscles. The heat that enters the body helps to improve the circulation and thus, helps to keep your mind fresh. As a result, you will be able to sleep better. The improved circulation also helps all the cells of the body to obtain sufficient amount of oxygen and energy and also helps to detoxify the body effectively. The final result is that you can enjoy perfect health free of toxins.

Many people fear that hot stone therapy would burn their skin and should stay away from it. But, this is not true. The stones are not heated to that extent. They are only gently heated. While the stones are being heated, oil is applied to the body by the massage therapist. Once the stones are heated to the desired temperature they are placed over the body and the massaging is done.

If you are a person stressed out and tired of trying various means of obtaining relief from stress, then the hot stone therapy is the best for you. This therapy will definitely keep you healthy and free of stress.

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