Add an Inch of Muscle in Twenty Four Hours

We all have body parts we’d like to make bigger (stop sniggering you at the back) and for many of us it would be a dream come true to be able to achieve that noticeably in just one day. ‘Surely that can’t be possible’, I hear you cry (I have amazing hearing), well according to bodybuilders such as Peary Rader and others, it is indeed possible to add up to an inch of muscle to any muscle group, but you’re going to have to set aside a large amount of time to do it. Whether this works quite to the extent that many boastful articles claim it does is uncertain, but on the other hand there is no denying that it will help to boost the muscles and in theory should be roughly the equivalent of doing eight workouts on that body part – which in theory could add if not an inch, then a fair bit of muscle.

Let’s start with the arms as they’re the culprit most of us would like to enlarge just that little bit (other than… the other one). First of all take a tape measure and see how big they are now to test and see if this works – take a note of this and measure them again in a couple of days’ time (after they’ve had a chance to recover). Now to begin with you’ll need to pick two exercises for the arms – one for the biceps and one for the triceps. This will work best with something fairly simple and preferably bi-lateral (meaning you train both arms at the same time rather than taking them in turns). So in this example we will say bicep curls and dips.

Now you’re going to need to put aside ten hours at least (I said you’d need a fair bit of time), so get out maybe a box set of Heroes or Rocky (my personal favourite) and lock yourself away in a back room. You’ll need to use weights just slightly lower than you normally would so if you normally use 20kgs for your curls try 15s or thereabouts. Whack on the Rocky.

You’ll start by doing three sets of each exercise – supper setting them to save time. Now set a timer to go off in an hour and head to the kitchen for a snack of protein, that can be a shake (though not every time when you come back here as this would be over doing it), an egg, or some tuna, and head back into the back room to enjoy the first film/episode. As you do, gently massage your arms to get rid of some of the lactic acid which builds up and makes it painful for you to perform extra repetitions, and hopefully helps stimulate the blood to bring nutrients and protein to the muscles. Try drinking a juice drink during rests too as this will help to replenish your supply of nutrients and give you some energy to burn. While you should eat protein during every rest, make sure these are smaller portions than you would regularly use as an overdose in protein can be unpleasant and even result in blood in your faeces.

You’ve probably already guessed what comes next – when that alarm goes off you head back over to the weights, do another three reps of each weight, have your protein then massage your arms for the rest of the hour. You then repeat this cycle for the next eight hours until you’ve completed the full ten mini workouts and eaten pretty much all the protein in the kitchen. Now set down to rest again and get a good full night’s sleep. Likewise make sure the whole next day is spent resting, eating protein and generally creating a good environment for growth. The next day, you measure, and if you haven’t gained an entire inch you should at least find that you’ve significantly increased the size of your arms. Congratulations – that would normally take at least a few months!

Obviously this same method can be applied to any muscle group but used sparingly – it’ll only work once for each one (otherwise you could look like Arnie in a couple of weeks) and you’ll need to give yourself plenty of time to rest in between each attempt. It can be a little boring, but if you watch an action film (or six) during the process this can really help spur you on. It’s a perfect opportunity for a Rocky marathon for example (and how handy that there are six of them… coincidence or something more?).

Of course this is guaranteed to work for everyone, and perhaps an inch in a day is a lofty claim. The fact that you only get an hour to ret (or less) means that it’s not really the equivalent of eight workouts, and nor will it be quite as intense as that. However it’s certainly something different to try and a bit of a kick start. Just make sure you get plenty of rest afterwards and measure your biceps before and after.

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  1. Hardy Sharma Reply
    April 27, 2012 at 4:46 am

    Surely I will try. Thanx!

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