What Are the Side Effects of Creatine?


Creatine is a popular sport supplement, which is widely available in the market today. It’s like a performance enhancer tool for athletes looking to build muscles and add strength. More than often, individuals involved in high intensity sports resort to creatine to obtain an added advantage in their respective sports. Creatine is a substance that is naturally produced in our body up to a certain amount. Since its all natural, there is no prohibition for the sale of creatine anywhere in the world. Athletes can safely use this product before or after the tournament, without the fear of being confronted for the same.

So far, creatine has undergone gigantic number of studies to figure out the health consequences associated with the use of the product. While most studies do talk in favor of creatine, there are some studies that do highlight the negative shades linked with the use of creatine. Let’s have a sneak into the side effects of creatine.

The most common issue that can be experienced by an individual taking creatine is dehydration. Creatine is responsible for water absorption into our muscles. This function deprives the rest of the body from adequate water supply. As such, this situation can be easily avoided by ensuring that you supply your body with adequate fluid. Creatine can also lead to temporary weight gain, which is often referred as “temporary water gain” because the weight gain isn’t permanent, rather a minor side effect due to water retention.

Muscle cramps and muscle pulls can also be experienced by an individual on creatine. The water retention stimulated by creatine can result into extra stress on your muscles and surrounding tissues, thereby creating a perfect recipe for muscle cramps and pulls. Some reports also suggest that creatine can lead to diarrhea and stomach issues. On a darker note, creatine is also blamed for kidney damage. Wise guys suggest that creatine when consumed in moderation is extremely safe on our health. However, one should not go overboard with the consumption, or else they might end up inviting some side effects.

Most creatine product labels contain the set of instructions and the required amount of dosage to be taken for safe results. Usually, one is advised to have a word with the physician before starting off in order to play safe with their health. While most of the side effects associated with creative intake are minor, one can experience severe body pain as well. Goes without saying, medical attention would be required in such cases to regain the lost health.

That being said, the side effects linked with creative intake do not come with a great backing, due to lack of substantial evidences. However, that doesn’t take away the fact that one should be really cautious while consuming any kind of supplement because supplements and side effects usually go hand in hand. As long as you don’t lose your guard, you can continue enjoying the health benefits from creatine and other supplements to the maximum. As they say, “Stay safe and your health will thank you”.

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