Asthma and a High Fat Diet

We all know that going high on fat is not good for our overall wellbeing. It’s a documented fact that high fat diet can contribute towards several cardiovascular diseases that can have life threatening implications on us. A recent study has highlighted one more hazardous health complication associated with high fat diet. A new research has come up with a report that a diet high on fat can trigger asthma attacks. Most of us are aware of the fact that asthma has already affected a huge portion of human lives in almost all parts of the world. There have been several factors cited for the cause of this condition. The new research has only contributed to our worries in one way because we are so attached to our typical high fat diet.

The irony lies in the fact that most of the westerners choose to go high on fat content, despite being aware of the health complications associated with the deal. What a high fat diet does is that it causes inflammation of our airways, thereby contributing towards our every growing trouble. As such, the usual factors held responsible for arthritis attack are cold, stress, tobacco, indigestion, infection and adverse effect of certain medication. More than often, individuals suffering from asthma are advised to take good care of their diet. They are asked to include fiber rich foods in their diet such as fruits and vegetables. Lighter meal is the way to go for these individuals. As mentioned earlier, high calorie and fat diet can aggravate the condition. In fact, the reason why we see so many westerners visiting clinic for asthma cure also has to do with the high fat diet that is a part of their daily regime.

As such, the study conducted on asthma patients comprised of two groups of people. One group that fed themselves with hash browns and burgers and another group that were asked to eat yogurt. Yogurt is a high nutritional food that is low on fat content. On the other hand, we all know that burgers and hash browns are high on fat content. The test results showed dramatic calorie disparity between the two groups. Admits the two groups, they had a calorie disparity of 800 between two meals. The fat content also showcased great difference. The first group fed on high fat diet derived 52% calories from fat, while the second group derived only 13% calories from fat. As such, further research is required on this subject. Hopefully, in the near future we might hear more about asthma and its relationship with high fat diet.

It has been observed that the number of neutrophils present in our airways increase when we consume foods loaded with fat, thereby serving as a perfect recipe for asthma attack. To top it all, the condition can worsen if one does not respond favorably to the existing medications, which is why it’s best to avoid high fat diets in the first place. After all, “Prevention is better than cure”. Isn’t it?

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