How to Throw a Surprise Party

If you have decided to throw a surprise party, it can feel difficult working out where to start. Finding out when the attendee is free, pinning all your guests down to a date, finding somewhere to hold it, and once all of this has been decided, relying on no one letting slip to the guest of honour about their surprise. However, the preparation work can be made much easier by breaking everything down into simple steps.

Firstly, it is best to plan this party well in advance of the big day. This allows you not only to ensure that the guest of honour will be available, but also that all the guests you want to be there will be too. Once you have found a date you like, make sure you inform all your guests about it. This can be done by e-mail, facebook group; you could even pass on the word yourself, just make sure that you do not tell the guest of honour by mistake.

When it comes to telling the guest of honour about the date, it is often worth having an accomplice who is able to make a “fake plan” with the guest of honour. This accomplice on the big day will accompany the guest of honour to the party and ensure that they are suitably distracted throughout the day. Make sure that this accomplice is not only close to the guest of honour and that pairing them together in this way is logical, but also that you can trust them not to reveal any of the plan to the guest of honour. Once your guest of honour has confirmed the date, you are safe to start sending out invitations and making plans.

The next big thing you need to decide on is where to hold the party. It could be your house, your guest of honour’s house, a hall, a hotel, anything could serve as a location. Look for somewhere which is personal to your guest, and a place which will hold all of your guests and allow for some celebrating. Sort on the location as soon as you can as well; this way you can inform your guests early about where they need to travel to.

On the days leading up to the party, you may need to go shopping to buy supplies and decorations for the party. If you are serving food and drinks, think about the guest of honour’s favourite food and drinks. Also think about your guests and any dietary requirements they might have. Good decorations include balloons, streamers, banners, pictures of the guest of honour, and fun lighting. It is also a good idea to encourage guests to think of “fake plans” of their own for the date if the guest of honour innocently asks them where they are that date. It is best for guests who have a good poker face to do this, just in case the guest of honour begins to think something is up.

On the day of the party, do the setting up as early as you can to give you plenty of time to work out any of the little problems that might come up. Ask guests to arrive by 30 minutes before the party to give them all plenty of time to arrive before the guest of honour is scheduled to arrive. Ask guests to park their cars away from the venue as this may distract attention. Make sure that the accomplice knows their plan by heart of when to bring the guest of honour and what their “fake plan” is. Position your guests in a place that the guest is honour is likely to find, for example if the party is happening in a house use the lounge or the kitchen.

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