Children's Birthday Party Ideas

When your child’s birthday is on the horizon and they are begging you for a party, what do you do? Do you simply invite a few of their friends round, stick a film on and give them a slice of cake? Or do you throw something a bit more exciting? Most parents would want to try to give their child a fun party to remember, and having a theme to a birthday party is a good way of doing this. Particularly if your child has a favourite activity, film or colour, this can be a good way of ensuring that they enjoy everything you plan for them. But if your child does not have an obvious party theme, here we provide some good ideas you might like to try.

If your child has a favourite film character or tv series, you may want to try building a theme around this. Plate designs, party bags, napkins, all these sorts of small touches can be found with these themes emblazoned upon them. Playing any soundtrack in the background or the film during the party is also a nice touch. You could encourage the children to dress up as their favourite character. You could even try to decorate the house. You could have as many or as little touches like this to contribute to your theme. Good TV or movie themed parties include High School Musical, Grease, Harry Potter, Disney films, or the Wizard of Oz.

On the other hand, you and your child may prefer to have a more cultural theme for their party. These can include famous foods and drinks from the country or era, music, landmarks, and clothing. If we take the example of a Hawaiian party, you could have tropical music playing, a summer clothing theme, and cocktails or non-alcoholic cocktails depending on the age of your child. A cowboy party could involve a dress code of cowboy hats and chequered shirts. You could even have a flash-back party to the hippy times of the ‘60s and ‘70s or the more punk rocker times of the ‘80s, with fitting music and decorations. This can be a particularly good way of celebrating the era that your child was born in.

It could be that your child would like a particular game or event to form the theme of the party. If, for example, your child enjoys playing sport, they may enjoy setting up various games and challenges for their guest to try. A child who enjoys learning about animals may enjoy an animal themed party with a guest who is able to bring several small animals they can all pet. A child who would like some of their guests to sleepover as part of a slumber party may enjoy a slightly later evening party with various treats and some ghostly stories. If you have a large garden you could try hosting an afternoon tea party or a picnic.

As your child becomes older they may prefer a party which is a little more sophisticated. A Hollywood themed party is a way of encouraging the guests to wear smart dresses or suits, yet also give them an excuse to dress up like their favourite stars. This dress code could allow your child to give out awards to guests on various criteria, such as best dressed guest. Similarly, a casino theme would allow guests to dress up smartly and play various card games.

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