Birthday Present Ideas – Experiences

Whether you are shopping for the difficult person who seems to have everything, or the person who you want to give something a little extra special to, buying or creating an experience for someone will give them a fun event they will remember. What is more, with various companies and organisation now offering you the chance to buy various experiences, it should be possible to find something that will be loved. Of course, if you are feeling creative it is possible to create your own experiences rather than buy it. Here we provide inspiration with some of the best experiences you are able to buy.

When it comes to food and presents, it is always a possibility to go to a special restaurant and have a slap up meal. If there is a particular restaurant or type of restaurant the recipient of your guest enjoys, it is worth treating them to an extra special meal there. If you are interesting in something a little different to a meal, you could always buy an afternoon tea and indulge their sweet tooth. Many experience organisations offer a background glimpse into the working of restaurants with many cookery courses, varying in the focus of the course and including the sweet and the savoury. This is a special present for anyone with an interest in cooking or a certain food.

A good present for women, or indeed anyone with a stressed and busy lifestyle, is a spa day or a spa trip. These are a popular present on experience website, and you can find anything ranging from a massage to a stay at a spa. If you are close to the recipient and fancy a piece of the action, it is possible to buy a spa trip for two! Other popular gifts for women or couples include makeovers and photo shoots, and a more experience haircut and styling than they may have otherwise treated themselves to.

For adventurous recipients, there are many adrenaline pumping gifts available, from white water rafting, bungee jumping, and the opportunity to drive big name fast cars around big racing tracks. If the recipient is a fan of a particular car, there are often deals allowing them to drive this car. If you are feeling generous, you could always pay for them to rent the car for the day and drive around the countryside feeling special.

For musical recipients, there are many experiences available allowing them to record them singing or performing, and creating a lasting recording of their talent. For dancers, there are often classes available.

And if you are feeling particularly generous, who can beat a weekend break or a holiday staying somewhere that the recipient would enjoy? Experience sites will often give you deals for various locations, but if you are feeling confident it is straightforward to book your own holiday, and plan it to what the recipient would enjoy.

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