Themed Birthday Parties

As you grow older and out of the children themed birthdays of pirates and Disney films, you may be at a loss of what to use as a birthday theme. No longer can you rely on the jelly and ice cream of your childhood to entertain you and your guests. In reality there are an infinite number of birthday party themes, all coming down to what you enjoy doing, what you are realistically able to provide for your guests, and what all your guests will enjoy or mind dressing up as. Take time to think about what you enjoy doing, any films which are your favourites, any costumes you would enjoy dressing up in, and where you are able to hold your party. If you are still at a loss, here we present some popular adult party themes, and ideas of how to make them a reality.

A good way to entertain both yourself and your guests is to have a fancy dress party, and decorate your venue accordingly. Most people enjoy fancy dress, and there is always scope for those people who do not to tone their clothes down in comparison to others. The number of fancy dress options is huge, so think about whether there is a particular style of clothing, a time in history, or a theme which appeals most to you. Some popular themes include toga parties with an ancient Greek or Roman theme, Cowboys and Indians, Saints and Sinners with guests choosing which side of the divide they fall (it is common for saints to wear shades of white and sinners to wear shades of red), School Uniform, Superheroes, Where’s Wally, Hollywood, or even a badly dressed party in which guests raid the nearest charity shop for clothing. If you feel like including a more competitive edge, you could give out prizes for the best costume. Choosing a fancy dress theme can make it easy to organise the food and other aspects of the night, for example with a toga theme food could include traditional Greek dishes such as Moussaka or Greek Salad, or a Hollywood theme could include a red carpet and cocktails for guests. It is always best to choose a theme that you feel comfortable wearing yourself; if you want to be attractive for your birthday, a badly dressed theme may not be the best call to make.

Instead of clothing, you could make your party theme focused on the food or drink that you serve your guests. A cocktail party theme is great for those who wish to have a sophisticated birthday party, while a chocolate fountain is good for chocoholics. Other potential themes include an afternoon tea party, wine tasting, a large family meal, or a pudding party for those with a sweet tooth.

Another theme, particularly good for women, is to have an evening of pampering with your close girl friends. This could include face packs, nail varnish, swapping hair and make-up techniques, and watching romantic or girly films. A good manly alternative could involve paintballing, sports or lots of steak.

If you feel like having a simple theme, then with a number of close friends a nice idea is to have a large dinner party. Whether you cook or leave that to someone else, this is always a great party to have with your nearest and dearest. If you feel like jazzing up this simple premise, a good game you could purchase is a murder mystery. This involves each guest taking on a character in a game focused on solving a fictional murder, with everyone trying to convince everyone else that it was not them “whodunit”. This can be done over the course of a meal.

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