Natural Remedies for Vomiting

Vomiting is not an unfamiliar condition. In medical terms, it’s defined as a forceful exertion of food and liquid components from our stomach. More than often, vomiting is a result of a virus attacking our body. Some of the common causes of vomiting include acidity, food poisoning and troubled stomach. The ailment can potentially pave way into our lives at unexpected times.

Imagine staying at your friend’s place and dirtying his washroom. For majority of us, it can’t really get more embarrassing than this. To top it all, the discomfort and medical expenses involved with the cure of vomiting can easily get into our nerves. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies out there that can help one deal with the condition effectively. Let’s have a look at them:


Diet is one aspect that requires close attention over here. The victim is usually advised to stay away from solid foods for the first 12 hours, post vomiting. One can resort to a liquid diet such as apple juice and other carbonated juices. Intake of vegetables juices and water is also recommended to the sufferer. Besides this, one is advised to avoid citrus juices, dairy products and spicy foods.


Ginger is a household ingredient that doesn’t require any introduction. It can be consumed in raw form or by preparing a tea to find relief from vomiting. Once inside the body, ginger prevents secretion of unwanted compounds that cause vomiting. Besides this, it can fight the underlying cause of vomiting as well by ensuring that our digestive track functions properly. Folks choosing to intake ginger tea can consider addition of basil leaves and a teaspoon of honey into the solution along with freshly crushed ginger. The addition of these components will work wonders for you.


Lime juice is another natural remedy that can help one deal with vomiting. One simply needs to take a glass of cold water and squeeze one lemon into it along with little bit of salt and water. If you prefer chilled juice, you can add ice into the solution. Drinking this solution every two hours will do the trick for you.

Mint Juice

Mint is also found to be effective against vomiting. The treatment is as simple as it can get. One needs to prepare a mint juice and drink it to find relief from the condition. You can consider addition of honey into the mixture.


Just like mint, peppermint can also ease your condition naturally. To prepare the juice, one needs to add 1/8 teaspoon of peppermint extract into a glass of water and then intake it. Peppermint juice treatment is very popular with children.

In some cases, vomiting can be a result of a serious medical condition that may require immediate medical attention. For instance, if the underlying cause of vomiting is food poisoning, then one needs to consult a physician to get better. In such cases, fighting the root cause of the issue is the ideal way to deal with vomiting.

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