Does Muscle Turn to Fat?

Today, misconceptions and healthcare goes hand in hand. The fact of the matter is that there are tons of people out there seen pursuing their fitness goals without backing themselves with adequate knowledge on health and wellness. The issue has grown over a period of time, and the confusion has simply magnified amongst people looking to get back in shape. Let’s talk about a common notion that had its share of misunderstanding over the years.

Many individuals out there believe that muscle turns into fat when a person stops training. The irony lies in the fact that some untrained fitness instructors are also seen spreading the same misconception amongst beginners and others. Interestingly, most people believe this notion because that’s what they tend to see in real life. It’s not uncommon to see a ripped guy possess a bulky structure once he stops training. But, does that mean that his muscles have turned into fat because of lack of training?

To be pointblank over here, muscle does not turn into fat when you stop working out. Remember, our body is made up of different cells. Muscle cells are completely different from fat cells, and they do not have the physical capability to interchange into one another. Claiming that muscles will turn into fats is defying body’s anatomy or science. Such, a thing doesn’t exist nor will ever exist. Your muscle cells are very much hard working and alive, whereas your fat cells just sit there doing absolutely nothing.

Most people out there might be eager to know more about this absurd myth that has engulfed the fitness industry for all these years. Let me throw some extra light into this matter so that you get to know why people tend to easily believe that muscle turn into fat when one stops exercising. When an overweight guy starts training with weights, he tends to build muscles. When muscles pave way into our lives, fat vanishes. As such, a healthy diet accompanied with good exercise regime and adequate sleep can help anyone out there lose body fat. When we see the “once” overweight guy flaunting his six pack abs and newly achieved muscular body, we start believing that his fats have turned into muscles.

Now, if the same guy decides to quit exercise due to any reason, he won’t be able to maintain that muscular structure for too long, especially if he switches to his old eating habits. Over a period of time, you will see him regaining the lost body fat and losing out on his muscular structure. When we see such a change in an individual, we start believing that his muscles have turned into fat. However, this is not the case as the biology of muscle and fat does not permit this to happen in any human being. Had that guy made some dietary changes, he would not have put on those excess pounds, even after quitting workout. Those who don’t understand the science of bodily functions are the ones who actually make and spread misconceptions.

In conclusion, let me again highlight the fact that muscles do not turn into fat, no matter how you train or what you eat. Goes without saying, you have to make some dietary adjustments if you decide to stop exercising. This is the best way to keep body fat at bay once you quit training.

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