Five Online Sex Education Resources for Teens

Today, the importance of sex education amongst teens cannot be sidelined on all accounts. It’s a must for teens to understand the changes occurring in their body and various aspects of relationships so that they don’t end up messing up their life. It’s not uncommon to witness news about teens getting dropped out of their college due to pregnancy and related issues in life.

As such, teens learn a lot about sex from television, magazines and social friends. Those who have been exposed to sex through any of these modes might begin their sexual life at a premature age. That being said, many studies have uncovered that fact that sex education for teens usually does not come from parents or guardians. Because the knowledge comes through unreliable sources, it has become very easy for a teenage guy to end up being the next victim of AIDS and HIV. Unwanted pregnancies and abortions are on the surge like never before. These reports simply emphasis the need for sex education amongst teens around the world.

Despite the growing awareness of planting sex education in the minds of teenagers, most parents shy away from incorporating such knowledge in their kids. Majority of the schools and colleges are seen being handicapped due to the laws of the land. Amongst all these crippling factors, online resource can prove to be the best guide for teens to impart necessary knowledge about sex. Let’s have a look at some top-notch online sex education resources for teens.

It’s Your Sex Life

This is an official website founded by Kaiser Family Foundation’s Emmy Award winning It’s Your (Sex) Life public information campaign and MTV. Most of us are aware of the fact that MTV is a youth channel that combines and provides information on teen’s life and issues. The website is loaded with contents that can help you gather in-depth knowledge about issue such as sex, pregnancy, etc. The website allows active interaction from users and has videos covering youth topics.

Teensexuality Student

Teensexuality Student was has been around for more than a decade. As such, it was created in the year 1995 by Jeff Edelman, and is being currently operated by a group of friends. The site comprises of interesting contents and contests that can keep you glued as well as educated about issues affecting today’s teen.


Scarleteen is a hugely popular website that covers topics on young adult sex education. One can browse through the website to gain knowledge, or you can start a new discussion to seek more information. The website is more than a decade old, so you will find the contents very informative.

Advocates for Youth

The Advocates for Youth is another excellent online resource that offers information on teen sex education. Issues such as HIV, pregnancy control, sexual carvings and so on are covered in the website. The website promotes active participation from users. One can register and strike a conversation to get started.

Planned Parenthood (Teen Talk)

The Planned Parenthood is a place where teens can talk about sexual health and related topics. As such, this website is an online face of the one of the leading healthcare providers based in United States.

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