How to Treat Winter Itchy Skin

Dry skin can be linked in different causes or maybe it is just a dry itchy winter skin. Winter dry skin is itchy and can affect your daily activity.

Treating this condition can be frustrating and very expensive because of the different products that you have to try just to find out the one that works best for your condition. After seeing a doctor and finding out that your dry and itchy skin does not require any medication and prescription, you can locate other alternatives to treat your condition. There are home base products and treatments that you can use to treat your dry itchy skin during winter. The good news is you do not have to go out of your home during this cold season just to find the right products that you can apply on your skin.

Winter season is the most perfect time to soak your body in warm bathtub, but it is not relaxing to see scaly dry skin while soaking your body into the bathtub. A warm bath can sooth tired and stressed body, to be able to enjoy this moment find the best solution for your dry itchy skin. Here are several ingredients that you can use to treat dry itchy skin that you can only find at the comfort of your home:

Baking soda – The very first thing that you have to do is to fill your bathtub with warm water. Be careful not to put water that is too hot. Place a cup of baking soda into the warm water. You have to soak your whole body into the warm water with baking soda to relieve the itchiness. After that, rinse the entire body with slightly cooler water. Dry the skin thoroughly.

Oatmeal – You can also choose to add colloidal oatmeal into lukewarm water. You can easily purchase colloidal oatmeal at your nearest drugstore. If you cannot find colloidal oatmeal, use ordinary oatmeal and put it in an old stocking. Tie the end of the stocking to prevent the oatmeal from falling. While you soak in your bathtub, let the oatmeal float in the tub. Be careful because the oatmeal can make your tub very slippery.

Vinegar – Vinegar can be added to lukewarm water. You need to add two cups of vinegar to attain the result that you want. Make sure not to make the water too hot. Another benefit that you can take advantage while using vinegar in your tub is a clean and shiny bathtub after.

If none of these natural solutions treat your dry itchy skin, you can result in using products such as moisturizers. After taking a bath do not forget to put moisturizer on your skin especially during winter days. This is to lock up the moisture in your skin and prevent the skin from drying that may cause extreme itchiness. It is nice to locate products that are made from natural ingredients. Dry skin is rampant during winter and that is why your skin needs an extra care.

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