Painless Tattoo Removal

In the next two to three years tattoo removal will be a lot easier because of the advancement of different technologies. This is good news for a lot of people who want to remove their tattoo. Researchers around the world are now working on a product that can easily remove any kind of tattoos without any pain.

This is like an ink that can erase a tattoo with the use of one laser treatment. Laser procedures for tattoo removal today are expensive and painful that is why a lot of people with tattoos choose to retain their tattoo instead of undergoing the same pain that they have gone through during the tattoo session. It may also take a round tens of painful sessions before the tattoo is actually removed from your skin.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

Today, there are alternatives that you can choose to remove your tattoo. It is called the Intense Pulsed Light Therapy, which is proven less painful and more effective than ten sessions of laser tattoo removal. The method uses a high intensity light rather than using a laser. But the procedure is just the same as the laser removal. The light is being place at the tattoo to break the colors or the ink present in your tattoo. The tattoo will eventually be cleared by the body’s immune system. However, this procedure is much more expensive than an ordinary laser removal.

Tattoo Removal Creams

If you want a more affordable tattoo removal, you can use a cream that is being rubbed on the skin, which eventually causes the removal of the tattoo. But this procedure requires long term application of the cream. It is 100% painless and will not produce any scar on the surfaces of the skin.


If you need to remove your tattoo because of another important reason, but you cannot find a procedure that is affordable and fast, you can choose to use a makeup. It is just a temporary solution for removing a tattoo. There are effective brands of makeup today that are perfect for hiding your unwanted tattoo. Concealer is an effective product that you can make use to cover your tattoo.

Cover Up

Creatively covering your tattoo is also another method that you can utilize to hide your tattoo. For a tattoo that is present on the stomach, leg, and back area you can wear clothes that can hide your tattoo. If you have a tattoo in the wrist area, you can wear big bracelets. For small tattoos, you can just use a band aid. It will depend where the tattoo is located. There are adhesive bandages with different designs and colors for girls.

A tattoo is a self expression for many people. But as years pass by a lot of people realize that their tattoo can affect their life in different reasons. There are companies that do not want employees with a tattoo and some people cannot travel because of their tattoo. There are countries that do not allow travelers with tattoos in their country. People who want to remove their tattoos can find the most applicable methods for them whether it is a permanent or temporary solution.

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