Does Vitamin E Really Help Scars?

You cannot avoid having scars in your life. One of the stages of life where people are more prone of having scars is during toddler and preschool years. Another stage that people can have scars and marks is for women who are pregnant. Because of this, a lot of people are finding different ways on how to remove these scars.

One of the most effective ways today according to them is by applying vitamin E on their scars. The use of vitamin E for scar removal is very popular around the world. There are a lot of products in the market that contain vitamin E for scar removal. Two recent major studies have been conducted according to this matter.

The remedy for scar is a vitamin E capsule that is being opened and then applied to the affected area. But, many scientists have proved that this topical procedure of using vitamin E is not effective in removing a scar. During the year 1986, one largest study was conducted by The Journal Burn Care and Rehabilitation about the effectiveness of vitamin E over scars. They have found out that the vitamin has no direct effect on the improvement of the thickness and appearance of scars.

Another study has proven that it has no side effects as well during the year 1999. In fact, they have observed that the huge part of the scar appeared worse than before after applying the vitamin. There are also cases where patients develop skin allergies such as dermatitis. This is in response to the vitamin E treatment used by their patients who have scars.

Although there are a lot of studies proven that the vitamin has no direct positive impact on scars, vitamin E is an antioxidant that can protect the body from free radicals. It is a very important part of the immune system. It has a positive effect on the production of red blood cells and it is also very essential on DNA maintenance. Aside from that, vitamin E has a significant positive effect against heart disease. It can also slow down the aging process of the cells within the body. Vitamin E protects the lining of artery walls and prevents oxidation LDL, which is bad cholesterol inside the body.

According to professional dermatologist on skin, once scars are formed, it will remain in your skin forever. Scars are caused by large wounds, but even smaller wounds can also produce scars. The collagen is being used by the body to close any kind of open wounds. As the healing process takes place an enzyme called collagenase is being formed. It will remove the extra collagen in the wound. After the healing process there is some extra collagen left and a scar is formed.

Although vitamin E cannot remove scars, it has a beneficial factor on acne scars. A typical scar that is formed because of a wound is different from an acne scar, that’s why the effect is also different. If you are planning to buy vitamin E, make sure to buy from a reputable brand because not all vitamins in the market are effective.

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