5 Ways to Get Your Teen Closer to You

Have you ever observed some behavioral changes in your child when they reach their teenage years? Time flies and children quickly turn older. Before you can actually know it, your baby has now become a teenager, which is the most crucial stage in one’s life. Here are few useful tips for all parents out there:

It is important for parents to learn how to listen.

Maybe you are so engross to talking and lecturing all that you taught was right for them without listening to their points and opinions. Over the years as they grow old, your teenagers learn and develop a mind of their own that you have to respect. Remember that your children are human and they are not robots that will quickly turn whenever you want them to turn. Even though they have only limited experience, this experience has taught them quite few things and ideas. Take time to hear all their points of view and empathize with them. It will win your child’s confidence and trust, afterwards you can suggest changes about their wrong views. Half of your problem has been solved at the moment you stop imposing and correcting all their actions. You can start listening first and suggesting after.

It is important to let your child experience mistakes.

These mistakes can help them develop into responsible individuals. It is normal for parents to protect their child from any form of danger. Teenage years are the stage where they want to experiment other things because of curiosity. The most important role that most parents should do is to guide. Remember that overprotecting your teenager really irritates them. You just need to warn them about all the dangers that might come and encourage them to make wiser choices to keep themselves from any kind of harm.

You can make them more responsible by giving them responsibility.

Making them feel like an adult by giving them some responsibility over certain things in their life and in your family. For instance, you can give them the responsibility to budget their own allowance for the month. By doing this, they can learn the consequences of spending too much.

It is important to negotiate things first before arguing.

Teenagers sometimes need their own freedom and space for them to grow. For example, your child wants to go to a late night party with his/her friends, it is important to set some limits. If your child keeps on insisting coming home at 11 pm instead of 10 pm, you can suggest a deadline of nine and your child will be happy with a 10 pm deadline.

The last thing but the most important is to build trust between you and your child.

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