Green Printing to Save Mother Nature

All around the world, people are continuously finding several ways on how to go green. Even large corporations are sharing their part in this global advocacy. Eco-friendly ways of printing, like buying of organic and environment friendly products such as recycled paper for printing and soy bean ink. Soy bean ink is the alternative solution for using petroleum based ink. Actually, soy bean ink was produced only for newspaper printings, but today it is being used for business cards and product catalogs. The use of soy bean ink has advantages aside from being green such as colors that comes from soy bean is much brighter compared to petroleum based ink.

Imperative tips for an environment friendly printing:

• By recycling cartridges, you can save a lot of money as well as you can also save the environment. One of the best solutions is to refill the cartridges with eco-friendly ink.

• If you are only printing a draft, you may want to use both side of the paper. You can save a lot of trees from being cut down once you make use of this tip.

• As much as possible print only those vital documents. If it is possible, you can present all your perspective online instead of printing all the pages, using a PowerPoint presentation is widely use today, it can save a lot of papers. You can also avoid using petroleum based ink by using a PowerPoint presentation.

• There are environment friendly printers that are available in the market today. At first, you may think that it is much expensive compare to ordinary printer, but you can see the benefit of having one in the long run.

The advancement of technology makes eco-printing accessible to people. Unlike before, more people are using petroleum based ink. In the past few years, eco-printing is very expensive. Today, this harmful ink was replaced with environment friendly soy bean ink. Here are some of the benefits of having a soy bean ink:

• It is more sustainable compare to the chemical ones.

• They come from a renewable resource.

• There are wide array of colors that are available in this type of ink.

• The colors are all vibrant and bright. It is perfect for business owners who are printing brochures and flyers to promote their business.

Here are some green tips that you can make use:

• Soy bean printing does not produce carbon footprints.

• Before printing, make sure that the copy that you will be printing is an important document. Remember that you can save trees by eliminating the use of papers.

• Use printers if it is necessary. You have to make sure that the printer is always on the off mode when not in use. By doing this, your printer will have a longer life than the manufacturer’s warranty.

• Recycling your ink cartridges can save energy and money as well.

Green printing can have a huge impact in helping the environment to become safer and cleaner.

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