Top 5 Guinea Pig Toys

Toys can provide different excitement and fun for your pet. Guinea pigs are known as sociable animals that is why they easily get bored when they do not have new activities to do. As an owner of these animals, you are the one who is responsible to keep them happy and contented. However, not all accessories for guinea pigs are safe to use. Here are top five safest accessories for guinea pigs:

1. Tents and Tunnels – It is one of the most famous accessories especially design for your cavies. Your cavies will surely jump with excitement once they set their eyes on their new toys. This kind of accessory will satisfy their want for hiding and burrowing. There are tents and tunnels that are made with harsh chemicals that may harm your cavies. In this case, you may want to create your own tents and tunnels for the safety of your cavies. You can make use of a towel and tents at home to be able to produce a safe tenets and tunnel for your cavies. You can also use large boxes to make an improvise tunnel for your cavies.

2. Toys and Cuddle Cups – Just like the importance of tents and tunnels for the enjoyment of your guinea pig, the toys and cuddle cups has the same importance as tents and tunnels. You can check commercial cuddle cups in the market. However, with the use of your creativity and imagination, you can make your own cuddle cup at home. You can also try to find a bonnet where they can conveniently sleep. Your bonnet can provide your cavies with instant comfort and warmth. Old hats can also do wonders for them. Remember to clean every material first before giving to your cavies as an accessory.

3. Activity Logs – This kind of toy became a sure hit for all guinea pig owners around the world. Cavies like nibbling, that is why it is very dangerous to place a broken tree log on their place. To prevent any accidents from happening you can buy a 100% non toxic activity log for your cavies. There are activity logs that are edible which are recently launched in the market.

4. Paper Bag Homes – Having cages is not enough for your cavies. You need to provide them with extra home where they can easily hide without being seen. This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to cavies home because you can throw this away once it becomes dirty and stinky.

5. Plastic Igloos – This can serve as their time for retreat whenever they want a noise free environment.

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