Small Pets for Small Homes

Here are several smaller animals that you can choose from:

• Chinchillas – If you prefer to have a more quiet and reserve pet inside your home chinchillas is the best choice for you. It is one of the cleanest and odorless animals in the world. Chinchillas are soft furry animals, which are more likely to stay asleep during the day and they are active during the night. This is perfect for pet owners who are working. This kind of pet enjoys wooden chews and exercise wheels. You can find them running on their wheels whenever they are awake. Chinchillas can live up to 15 years that is why you can enjoy their companionship for a long time compare to other animals which has a very short life span. Chinchillas are small rodents with a small happy sound. You need to ensure your commitment before deciding to add chinchillas in your family.

• Sugar gliders – For pet owners who want sociable and energetic animals, you can choose to have sugar gliders. This kind of pet wants constant contact to their owners. Sugar gliders are naturally born social animal that is why they usually bought in pairs. Sugar gliders which do not have a pair require one to two hours contact with human every day. For gliders in pairs, they ensure that they keep each other company within the day. Gliders in pair have less contact in humans.

These kinds of animals have special needs when it comes to their diet. Sugar gliders are not squirrels but they glide just like flying squirrels. Gliders can promise a long years of bond with their owners and they can also recognize their owners with their smell.

• Ferrets – If you want intelligent and playful pet inside your home, ferrets are one of the best choice. Your kids will surely love having ferrets inside your small home. Ferrets require a great need for exercise for them to stay fit and healthy. You need to provide plenty of activities within the day to ensure that they will not get bored. Ferrets are also often purchase in pairs. They are sociable pets that need constant interactions with their owner.

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