How to Conquer a Fear

We are not born with fear. We develop fear through our personal experiences in life. As such, fear is nothing but anticipated feelings about the worse. Goes without saying, this negative anticipation can serve as a major roadblock in your life, if you develop a timid approach towards issues that you encounter in your day to day living. Remember, we are talking about anticipating the worse about something that hasn’t occurred as yet. So, do you think it’s worth living with your fears for the rest of your life, considering the fact that the event may not necessarily take place in the first place?

Remember, fear can easily cripple your bright future. Relationships can go for a toss and you might end up losing several fruitful opportunities just because you held yourself back. Fear, if left unchecked can prove to be your greatest enemy lurking around you. So, let’s learn how to fight this dreadful enemy. First and foremost, you need to acknowledge your fear.

Once you find its birthplace, you will be able to combat it effectively. Just sitting there and hoping that things will fall in place on its own is the worst way to deal with fear. Your best bet would be to admit the fear and feel it. You may want to visualize and confront the worst case scenario in your mind. Ask yourself this question, “What’s the worst thing associated with the fear?” For instance, do you fear that you won’t get selected for a job? Remember, you didn’t have a job earlier; the worst thing that can happen is that you still won’t have a job. So, nothing has actually changed in your life.

It’s in your best interest to challenge your fears directly. Tell your fear that you are ready to slave it without allowing it to rob your precious time and energy. You will automatically gain the rush of positive thoughts that will help you combat fear effectively. Remember, the key over here is to curb the negative thoughts and allow the inflow of positive thoughts. There are truckloads of individuals out there who are seen being unable to conquer their fear due to lack of confidence. They feel that they aren’t good enough to deal with the situation. For instance, one of the biggest fears crippling the human race is fear of public speaking. The prime reason behind this fear lies in the fact that most of us go overboard thinking what others are visualizing about us. You don’t have to worry what others are thinking and talking about you because the fact of the matter is that others are busy thinking what you are thinking about them.

Most of our fears are also associated with failures. We fear failure to the core. It’s important for each one of us to label failure differently. Remember, failure is the stepping stone towards success. Every failure comes with its share of mistakes and learning experiences. One needs to learn from these experiences and move ahead again with more zeal and energy. This will not only help you conquer your fear, but will also lead you towards rewarding things in life. Consider fear as an adventure that compels you to get out of your confront zone into some unexplored territory. Take it as a challenge and not as a negative experience.

Winning a battle against fear is downright thrilling. Once you successfully conquer a particular fear, you need to use that momentum to conquer other fears in life. The positive belief and confidence that you acquire through each battle against fear will certainly help you a great deal in your personal and professional life. You would be truly amazed at your accomplishments once you are able to pave goodbye to all your fears! There is no need to hold oneself back in life. After all, you deserve the best things in life!

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  1. Gale Reply
    May 19, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    I've never had a real phobia that I've been aware of, but then again I don't lead a physically adventurous life. And while certain activities make me nervous – I'm not crazy about flying, and my clumsiness makes certain stuff like hiking and snorkeling a little more exciting than they are for normal people – I've never had anything that approaches phobia. Until I started riding my bike on the Braes Bayou trails here in Houston, near my home. Miles and miles of wonderful and neatly landscaped asphalt trails that border Braes Bayou. Most of the trail is at street level – but when you hit Kirby Drive, the trail descends down to the level of the bayou – it's a big wide concrete sided stream a good bit below street level. I see old people, young people, fat people, people clearly less experienced at bike riding than myself, whiz down the trail to the bayou level every day – it's a wide trail, and the trail that runs along the water is very wide too – the descent is gentle and the trail at water level is completely flat and there are no obstructions. But I cannot do it. As soon as I approach the point where the trail begins its descent, I start o tremble and hyperventilate. All I can think, all I can see in my mind's eye, is going headfirst over my handlebars and into the bayou. I can't even walk my bike down the descent and then proceed to ride along the flat trail – I can walk it, but I can't ride my bike. The shaking and trembling make it impossible. I've never experienced a physical phobia like that. It's not life-interrupting, of course, because I don't really need to do it, but it's given me a new sympathy for people who do suffer phobias that make their lives more difficult to conduct normally. Of course, the fact that I once fell out of the attic – by way of the unsupported insulation, through the ceiling and straight down to the kitchen floor below – is a good reminder that maybe my fear isn't a phobia so much as a realistic fear of spazzing out and really hurting myself.

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