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We all strive to better ourselves, and we all aim for a state that is superior to our own. The question is though, what are we striving to achieve and what are we aiming for? Is self improvement something that should continue perfectly, or is there an end point where we achieve ‘perfection’?

Of course perfection is a subjective term that we can only really achieve once we’ve defined our own view of ‘perfection’. This is similar to the way in which you cannot achieve perfect math’s ability, but could get perfect score on a maths test. You have achieved perfection only within a framework, but of course that framework was developed by someone else based only on what they believed would be a suitable way to test you. You can only achieve perfection then, within an ‘imperfect’ and subjective framework.

This is particularly difficult when you’re trying to apply the concept of perfection to a person as there are just so many factors to consider. There are many different frameworks then concocted by many different people – those created by the media, by your friends colleagues and partners, and those that seem to have been bread into us by history and culture.

At the same time if we ever were to achieve perfection what would that leave us? If we made ourselves the perfect example of a human being, then what would we do to perfect ourselves further and how would we have any motivation to do so?

In order to work with these problems then, we should therefore come up with our own ideas of perfection and not let anyone else dictate how we should be. We should then strive to fulfill this ambition and constantly adapt it as we develop and change. It’s a never ending process, and it’s a highly personal one.

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