The Many Faces of Addiction

Most people think of drugs when they hear of addiction but there are many things a person can become addicted to. Everything from a person to gambling can become a problem for someone who has an addictive personality. In fact, some people switch up one addiction for the next. For example, someone may kick a heroin habit only to become addicted to eating or sex. Unfortunately, those born with addictive personalities will have many battles they will have to fight throughout their lives. Following are just some of the areas things that people find themselves addicted to.

Sex Addiction

Everyone knows that a person with a drug addiction will alienate the people they love the most. This almost goes without saying. However, many people do not realize the ramifications involved with any sort of addiction and what it may do to a family. A good example is the man who finds himself unable to refrain from extramarital sex. By acting on his addictions he is not only hurting himself and his wife, but also any children that may be present. Not only is sexual addiction unhealthy to the family dynamics in a household but can also be hazardous to the addict’s health. There are a number of illnesses including HIV/AIDS that can be brought home to an unsuspecting partner. In addition, a person with a severe addiction to sex may not make very good decisions when it comes to being safe during sexual intercourse and this can be a recipe for disaster.

Food Addiction

You may be asking yourself what could be so bad about being addicted to food. Well the answer is, a lot! Being addicted to food could cause serious health problems as a result of obesity and/or any other eating disorders which may stem from the addiction. There are even 12 step programs out there for people with food addictions. Some studies indicate that people who have food addictions often use food to medicate during times of mental distress or anxiety. No matter what the cause, if you have a problem with over eating and feel as though it is affecting your life, it is time to get help.

Gambling Addiction

Some people can take a trip to Vegas once a year and spend only a certain amount of money on their trip. These people can handle a little bit of harmless gambling. However, there is also the person who cannot stop placing bets, even when the money has run out. These people are called compulsive gamblers and they have a very real problem. Not only can they put their families in danger by getting in dept to some very shady characters, but they also often lose everything they own, including the family home. This can be absolutely devastating for a family. The best thing for someone who cannot handle gambling to do is to refrain from it at all costs. There is professional help out there for people who feel they cannot stop on their own.

Addiction to People

Yes, this does exist! Just ask anyone who is absolutely obsessed with another human being. There are many people who are nothing short of compulsive when it comes to their love interests. Some people go beyond what is considered normal, feeling as though they cannot function unless they get their “fix” of whomever it is that is the center of their world at the time. This can become almost deadly. This is especially true if the person who is the object of affection does not return the addict’s feelings. This is what movies like “Fatal Attraction” were written about. Unfortunately, this is a very real issue that affects a lot of people. If you or someone you love suffers from this sort of addiction, know that there is help out there. It is never healthy to feel as if your whole world revolves around a single person.

Nicotine Addiction

This is a big one! There are millions of people who cannot seem to put down cigarettes to save their lives, literally! Not only does smoking harm the smoker but it is terrible for the people who have to be subjected to the second hand smoke. There are many stop smoking gimmicks out there but most of them are just that, gimmicks. The only solution for a person who wants to stop smoking is for them to stop! More people have reported success from quitting cigarettes “cold turkey” than any other method. Smoking leads to illness such as COPD, Lung Cancer, Throat and Mouth Cancer, as well as premature aging. In addition, of all the many addictions, smoking is probably the worst in terms of how hard it can be to quit.

These are just a few examples of things which people can become addicted to. The truth is there is no limit to what a person with an addictive personality may hone in on at any given time. One definition for insanity is making the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results. In reality, anything that is causing problems in your life that you cannot seem to stop on your own is probably an addiction. Addictions of all kinds can be treated if the person is willing to get the help he/she needs.

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