Can You Benefit by Crying?

Crying is a natural human emotion. Babies start crying without being taught any lessons on crying. Even adults cry for some or the other reasons. As a layperson, we do not use or consider crying as a means to eradicate stress.

Today, most of us are burdened with endless amount of personal, professional and social responsibilities. The question here is, does shedding tears make us feel any better? Of course, running away from problems or responsibilities will take you nowhere in life, but crying can help you a little bit over here. In fact, on some occasions, our stress level reaches to a certain degree where crying comes naturally to us. So, let’s have a look at some of the physical and emotional benefits linked with crying.

Crying Is a Good Healer

Crying helps an individual release his/her blocked or overwhelming emotions. Bundling up emotions can sometimes be detrimental for our health, which is why it’s in our best interest to release the negative emotions of our sleeves. Crying is often considered as a means to heal the heart because it takes off the heavy burden off one’s chest. How relieved do you feel when you cry and share your negative experiences with some close person in your life? In a way, crying makes way for a new channel that instantly changes the way a person thinks about his/her surroundings or things. For instance, broken hearts get healed quickly by crying one’s heart out.

Crying Reduces Stress

Experts reckon that crying can help us lower our stress levels to a great extent. It’s a well documented fact that the act of crying helps one get rid of unwanted hormones and chemicals that are responsible for building stress within human beings, which is why there is no point in holding back one’s tears. Today, stress is considered as one of the maniac that can cause heart ailments and other health issues. One should necessarily use the free resource of crying to find relieve from stress during tough times.

Crying Reduces Sadness

Apart from eradicating unwanted stress, crying has been linked directly with our emotional wellbeing. Crying promotes the release of certain feel good hormones in our body that stabilizes our mood during sad moments.

Crying Prevents Sickness

Interestingly, crying can also be used as a means to prevent cold and flu. Not many people out there are aware of the fact that tears help us fight germs that make way into our eyes. The fact of the matter is that tears are capable of killing 95% of the bacteria present in our eyes within a couple of minutes, and in the process prevents sickness.

Crying Eradicates Body Waste

Tears running down our cheeks contain certain byproducts that are toxic in nature. By crying, we are able to get rid of these toxic elements in a natural manner.

Crying Promotes Clear Vision

It’s believed that crying also contribute towards good vision. When we cry, the tears omitted from our eyes moisten our eyes, and thereby ensures prevention of membrane dehydration surrounding our eyeballs. In this manner, it promotes clear vision.

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