Drug Free Ways to Stay Awake: How to Stay Awake?

At some point, almost each one of us feels the need to stay awake for reasons best known to us. In fact, some of us fight drowsiness nearly everyday after having a hearty lunch. Occasionally, we also have to stay awake all night long to keep up with pace of the breathless world. While some stay awake due to examination pressure, there are others who stay awake due to work burden and so on.

One of the recent statistics has uncovered an alarming fact about work. It states that nearly 75% of the working individuals find their job monotonous and boring. Needless to say, most of these guys might be facing great difficulty keeping their eyes wide open while at work. Fortunately, there are many natural means to stay awake. So, let’s have a look at the drug free ways to stay awake.

Get adequate sleep

Most people struggle to keep their eyes open at work because of inadequate sleep. By supplying one’s body with required amount of sleep, an individual will be able to stay awake for long. Usually, experts advise a person to sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours on daily basis. An individual following this advice is able to keep his/her body active for too long without shutting down in between of an important meeting or any other event. One can re-work on their daily schedule to get good amount of sleep.

Perform body movements

Performing some body movements is one of the easy means to stay awake. You will be able to get rid of the sleepy feeling by performing some basic stretching exercises. If you are alone at a particular place, you can consider dancing or jumping on the floor to stay alert.

Consume caffeine

Caffeine consumption has been one of the oldest tricks in use to stay awake. The caffeine found in most of the beverages such as coffee, soft drinks and soda acts as a stimulant to keep our body active. In most cases, one is able to stay alert for a couple of hours by consuming caffeine. Some choose to have multiple cups at the same time, but it’s not the recommended way to go about keeping oneself awake. It’s advisable to space out the caffeine consumption in regular intervals.

Use humor

Tickling our brain is a good way to avoid mental exhaustion and sleep. A dull environment would usually make a person feel sleepy. On the other hand, a happening environment can keep a person going on despite having evaded sleep for a long time. One must think of pleasant things to feel fresh from within. Reading some funny books or watching some comedy shows can keep you awake for a longer time.

Make use of water

Water can be used to stay awake in more than one way. Splashing cold water on one’s face will make a person feel fresh instantly. One can also consider a cold water shower to feel rejuvenated. Apart from this, one is advised to drink plenty of water to stay immune from dehydration. A dehydrated state of health is prone to feel tired, whereas proper hydration will help one stay active and awake for a longer period of time. Regular visits to the washroom due to water intake will also contribute towards your goal of staying awake by providing your mind and body with desired breaks in regular intervals.

Lemonade juice

How about having a glass of fresh lemonade juice? Lemon is loaded with Vitamin C that energizes one’s body. A fresh juice of lemonade will make an individual feel better instantly by helping one eradicate the feeling of sleepiness.

Conversation will help

Chatting with friends can also be of great help, when it comes to staying awake. Make sure that you don’t talk about matters that involve sleep or else you will do no good to your existing condition. Indulging in humorous conversation would be the best bet over here to stay awake.


  1. Hi, my name is Amy and I'm 29 years old, I live in Toronto Ontario and I have 2 dogs abbey and zoey life can get tiring because I'm a trainer… and this page was a lot of help.

  2. Whoever wrote this doesn't understand the fact that caffeine is a drug (CS, similar to Amphetamines).

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